Friday, December 29, 2006

I’m Back for the Holidays

Hey yo! Hey yo! Hey yo! Yes it’s me again…

It’s been quite a while since I decided to go on a blog holiday. I’ve been busy, uhm, err, yeah, I’ve been busy. Hahaha. For almost a month and a half, I’ve been busy trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Uhm yeah, tama! Yun nga! And in that short span of time a lot of things have happened. A lot of interesting and not-quite interesting stories did occur; I just can’t get my own thoughts together and write them down into a one cohesive story. Sheeessshh.. Too bad, ang daming magandang materials, but I just couldn’t get it all together! Maybe some other time…

For now, let me talk about the holidays! Yes sir! It’s the most fattening time of the year once again. I’m sure most of you, by now, are exhausted by that freakin' rush of almost everything. I know I am. And it’s far from being over. I guess it is true that December is the happiest time of the year (for most people!) according to some silly statistic. And oh boy, that just doesn’t surprise me. Xmas parties, homecomings, reunions, exchange gifts, bonuses, vacation, bonuses, parties, exchange gifts again, and so on. Mas madami na nga ang nagpapakasal ng December, than June e. It’s that time of the year when it’s perfectly ok to splurge, get drunk and be really merry. Afterall, it’s the season to be jolly… falalalala lala la la…

So here goes. Since I’m more popularly known to be fashionably late, I would like to share to you some of my wishes for the holidays and the coming year. These things involve me and some of my equally fabulous friends who’ve been soooooo great to me this past year and hopefully in the years to come. Let us join me in hoping that these wishes will come true anytime between tomorrow and March 29 of 2007. (Mainipin ako, gusto ko matupad agad… Let us not waste time!).

My (sort-of) Grown Up Christmas List

1. Sana hindi na maubusan ulit ng supply ng Alcogel (with Vitamin E) ang Bench!!!
I simply adore this product!!!! I can’t go out to anywhere without this. It keeps me sane by keeping my hands clean and sanitized in an instant, anytime and anywhere. It kills germs without water and mind you, it is dermatologist tested. Latter part of 2006, they ran out of this product. Yung regular ones lang ang natira tsaka yung scented which I don’t really use. Sana hindi na maulit to. Bench people!!! Hear this one out!!!

2. Lovelife
This year, a lot of my friends have had troubles in their relationships – uhm, cge na nga, count me in. I wish them luck in this specific area of their life. BF/GF to those who want it. Alam ko madami kayo! How I wish I have that much money to spare so that I can get each of you a partner ASAP. Haha. But then that would not be as fulfilling. Kaya i-wi-wish list ko na lang! Here’s to hoping that next year, lahat kayong gusto nang magka-lovelife ay magkaron na tlga! And to those who are “in a relationship”, maghihiwalay din kayo!!!! Bwahahaha.. kidding. I do hope that you do get things going better. Go for the gold! I want to hear more inspiring love stories next year!! Promise. See, I am not as bitter as you think.

3. Career
Well… What can I say. This has been my main focus for the past couple of months. Hehehe. For quite sometime already, I’ve been hearing people tell me how unhappy they are with their current jobs. How uncertain things are in terms of their future. How unstable their positions and how inadequate they’ve become because of that. In other words, how scared they are that jumping into the next job offer seems to be the most logical thing to do. I wish you all, wisdom! Tsaka strength na rin. Hehe. I wish that somehow, instead of what you lack, you will get to see what you actually have and appreciate it more often. I wish all of you not just a job, but a career. A career that will give you the kind of growth that you all wanted. Something that will lead you towards achieving your personal goal/s in life. A career that is equally fun, fulfilling and uhm, high paying na rin! Hahaha. Always remember, misery loves company, so choose your friends wisely. Don’t let peer pressure dictate what you should do, instead, think well and ask yourself what you really want to do, before signing another contract. That way, we will all avoid going back to the whole whining process. You should know better.

4. Sana umulan ng pera (who wouldn’t want it?)
Bills, bills and more bills. Ayoko ng coins. Just thinking about it, nasasaktan na ako, ouch! Besides, maliit lang ang coin purse ko! Bills… kahit 100 bills.. para hindi na tayo mahirapan magpa-change.

5. Gifts sa Wish Lists niyo
Do you remember as a kid, how you would stay up late during Xmas eve waiting for something good to happen? How you would gladly stare at the boxes under the tree wishing that sana, you will get the biggest box on Xmas day? Well well well, I do wish you all get what you wished for. Be it material or not. Aminin na natin, we can all be a little materialistic sometimes. That’s just human! Ipod video? Digicam? PSP? PS3? Ibook? Goyard Bag? Anything, sana makuha niyo yung mga pinangarap niyong bagay. If not, bumili na lang kayo. Wag masyadong makunat, di niyo madadala sa hukay ang money niyo! Hahaha.

6. Say no to Drugs! (Diet Pills, etc).
Sana, I really am hoping that people will lose that excess fat soon. This goes out to all those people who’ve asked me to refer them to my gym and most especially, sa lahat ng mga nag-d-droga!!!! Hahaha. You know who you guys are. I wish na sana, all of you will lose all those weight in time for Summer 2007. May you hit all your targets, in terms of losing lbs and inches in certain areas. I also wish that sana, all those who were taking that wonder drug will get the desired results minus the complications. To all that one (and only one!) who’ve tried it and got his desired results, congrats – tigilan mo na! Maintain na lang by working out! To those who’ve tried it and somehow, hindi kinaya and stopped – Good for you! Wag niyo nang ipilit! It does not only alter your mood, nakakababa siya ng IQ niyo. Hahaha. To those who were attracted by the promise of really losing weight in no time, tumigil kayo! Hahaha. Wala nang nagbebenta non! Belat!

7. World Peace
Sempre, S yon! World Peace, need I say more? Self explanatory na!

8. Give to CHARITY
One of the things that I’ve learned sa Bb. Pilipinas, is to really give to Charity! Hahaha. Seriously, most of you who have the access to computer and can actually read this silly blog entry of mine are really lucky. Because you know how to use a computer! Ayos di ba? Haha. Common, you know what I mean. I wish that we can all find it in our hearts to share the blessings that we’ve got. In any way, in any form. Ikaw bhala, kung anong Charity ang gusto mo. Basta Charity. Ok na ok yon!
p.s. Alam niyo ba na ang second name ko is charity? Vinson Charity Romeo. In case lang maisip niyo to give to charity. Technically my name is Charity! (Pwedeng i-deposit sa account ko or pasa-load para easier!) Thanks.. =)

9. Pagbabago sa Buhay
Naks! Ang lalim no? I wish that people will realize that what they are doing is wrong and should really be sorry for it. I really wish that people will be enlightened especially the ones who are bad – magnanakaw, snatcher, namboboso, bastos sa kapwa at sa sarili, perverts, lalo na yung mga swindler. May you realize your mistakes and allow the divine intervention to come into your hearts and change for the better. Otherwise, I hope that the earth would open up and swallow you whole! Bwahahaha. Isama na natin yung mga nanunulak sa MRT, LRT, yung naglalagay ng bubble gum sa bus para dukutin yung cellphone mo, and the likes!! Lahat kayo. Damay damay na to. Lagot kayo tlga.

10. Forgiveness
I wish everyone will learn the value of forgiving and will be forgiven. I know it’s a BIGGGGGG cliché, but having gone through the whole process, I have come to realize that forgiveness, much like the truth, sets you free. Admit it, one way or another, somebody may have hurt you. Somebody did something sooo utterly bad that everytime you see him, you just want to give him the finger and unleash your most powerful curse! Hahaha. Holding grudges only makes you even more miserable. By holidng on to these ill feelings, you’ll only allow that particular person/s to continue to hurt you, even without their mere presence. I also wish those who’ve realized their wrongs, that you will all be forgiven. Most especially those people who did repent and offered their most sincere apologies to the one they’ve “trespassed”. May we all experience the most liberating feeling of being free this holiday season.

11. Confession and Reconciliation
I hope, and this I say with all honesty, that JB will finally admit that he loves Celine. Damn, it’s sooooo obvious that he still loves Celine. He just won’t admit it!!!! Kasi masasaktan c Jackie. Haaayyy life!! Why can’t we just be with the one we really love without having to hurt other people in the process??? Ah basta, I really hope JB will confess and they will reconcile ASAP. Mas bagay sila don’t you think? (Of course, these are the people from the series Maging Sino Ka Man – watch it.. it’s good!)

12. Family Tree
Hmmm, I’ve always been a fan of a happy family. I wish that everyone, especially now, will get the chance to be with their families and spend some really quality time. I hope that we will all value the fact that we can be with our loved ones at this special time of the year and hopefully for more years to come. Let’s face it, hindi lahat tayo would get the chance to have our family complete this Xmas. One way or another. Kaya to those who can, be thankful. And savor the moment! Mas masarap ang ham pag complete ang pamilya – sabi nung katabi ko sa grocery kanina.

There you have it! These are some of what I wish for this holiday season. I do hope that all these wishes will come true, not only for myself, but for each and every one of you who took the time to read this. And to those who’ve been reading my entries – here and sa blogspot. I appreciate it! I hope you guys have had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. And if I may borrow the line of a colleague, I hope you all got to Santa in whatever form you perceived him. More blessings for all of us in the coming year. May we all have an even more fabulous new year this 2007. Tsaka, sana talaga umulan ng bills!!!!