Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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Summer Fever....

The Passion of the Fries

It’s crisp and the color simply makes me salivate!!!! I am no French but I definitely dig Fries!!!! I think this is one of man’s greatest inventions in terms of food processing!!!! Haha. I’ve been craving for French fries since the start of the week. And God knows how I tried hard to resist the temptation but it is just toooooooooo strong that I’d have to give in. Hahaha.

French Fries. Considered one of the unhealthiest foods in this lifetime. Research show that this popular snack contains acrylamide, a known cancer-causing agent that is formed when foods are baked or fried at high temperatures. They're also full of Trans fats, which have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Uhm yeah. Not to mention that it makes you gain weight – and that is reason enough why people should avoid it. Hahaha. Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those people who are on a strict diet or something. I do workout – uhm well, hindi lang masyadong halata. But I really do. As much as I can. Hahaha.

I knew all about these facts and somehow, I have made a pact to myself to really avoid this snack. Ok ok, I’ll be honest, it was not the cancer, heart disease or even the diabetes. It was more of me trying to watch my weight and that includes what I eat. Summer is just around the corner and getting those extra pounds at this time of the year is just way tooooooo un-cool! Hahaha. And I am not alone in this saga. Look at those people at the gym or simply count the number of clubs that have sprouted in every possible corner. People are really into fitness lately!!!! Losing weight has become an elusive and popular dream of mankind lately that at times, it gets toooo scary – esp when they go to the extremes, where people actually die.

Munching on my ever dear French fries, I couldn’t help but think of the ironies of life and how we have become this fitness monster that we are now today. Back when we were kids, do you remember how your parents force you to eat and finish your food? I can very well remember one time, I was crying my heart out because I was soooo full and couldn’t finish everything on my plate. Now, things have really changed. The word DIET has become soooo popular for young adults and it has become a multi million industry in itself. Diet books, diet foods, diet pills, low carb, low fat, blah blah blah. And these things come with a price, literally. You see, now, we pay more to actually eat less. Ain’t that weird? Huh!@#

As I continue to finish my last fry, I am in a sort of happy mood that I did it. Kelan nga ba ako nag diet? Hindi naman ata. Hahaha. While I have nothing against being healthy and living right, let us all remember to find joy in whatever we do. As we try to have a clearer skin, a whiter teeth, a narrow waist or a smaller pore, may we always remember that life is too short to be wasted correcting what you think are your flaws. Character is still what you are in the dark. I may not be as thin as the ideal, as buff as the billboard people, but I am happy. At least I got to have my favorite fries. Hahaha.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Defining Love

Last week, I once again braved attending our Toastmaster’s club meeting and fortunately or unfortunately, I was once again called to do an impromptu speech about love – the topic for that specific meeting. I wish I could say that I made sense that time but then that would be too self serving slash wishful thinking. I was caught off-guard! Hahaha. I wasn’t thinking, there were just too many things going on in my head at that time that coming up with a cohesive thought seems close to impossible. Therefore, babawi ako, pero dito na lang. hehehe.

Complete the sentence: My definition of love……

While I can get you all those cheesy definitions you can find over the internet about love. Let me do this by sharing how I arrived to my very own definition of it.

When I was in 2nd grade, my neighbor and a good friend of mine gave me a dog. My family adores dogs, so it was just easy to accept the gift and actually bring her home. I was excited, uhm no, perhaps ecstatic. She was my first dog. Although we do have a family dog, this one was all mine!!! She was the nicest among the dogs in the house, perhaps because she’s the newbie, the green-apple in the bunch. We used to play a lot and she was the only one who was ever allowed to step on my bed, and yeah, sleep with me. Whenever I arrive home from school, I would always find her sitting at the front door with her wiggling tail. She’ll willingly lick my face as I try to hug her. Years after, she died. And I consider that one of the saddest moments in my life. I missed the way she’ll try to rub her foot, whenever I’m feeling a bit off. I missed the way she’ll sit beside me while I’m watching TV. Then I thought, maybe that’s love.

On high school, I’ve made some really good friends. We used to write a lot of letters and pass on those little notes, in every possible occasion you can think of – Birthday, Valentines day, etc! We share secrets, told stories of how life had been to us, so far. Hehe. We promised to stay in touch, to remain friends despite the fact that we are all going to different schools for college. We’ve communicated through phone calls, pagers!!!, and eventually text messages. Soon, only a handful has fulfilled their promises of really keeping in touch. Almost 10 years, after graduation, I was still able to be in touch with some of them. Then I thought, perhaps, that’s love.

As I turn quite older, I began to meet a lot of people. I met someone who would pick me up after work at the airport. I met someone who would stay up late, just to call and check if I was already home from my late night duty (My flight then ends at 12midnight), and then starts to make a conversation of how my day was. I met someone who’d sent me stuffs (cds, flowers – hehe, chocolates, cards), but never did say who he/she was. I met someone who’d accompany me to the mall, until uhm he gets tired of walking. Hehe. I met someone who’d bring me to places, to dinners, to movies, to anywhere “romantic”. I’ve met someone whom I would devote most of my time to. Who at times, made me forget about myself. Then I thought, maybe, just maybe, that is love.

At the meeting, as I stood in front of those people, I couldn’t help but wonder how I could possibly put all these thoughts into one cohesive and sensible statement. I wanted to simply borrow one of those lines and definitions of love sent through SMS, but at that time, I couldn’t think of any. Love is like a rosary, sometimes it’s plastic, diamond or jaded, I mean made of jade! Local, minsan imported. Haha. But that would not make any more sense, does it? So what then is Love? Is it a wink? An extended gaze? A warm hug? or a passionate kiss? Perhaps, love is your dog licking your face when you are sad, maybe love is a friend keeping his/her promise and stayed in touch after all the years that passed, perhaps, love is time well spent – watching movies, having dinner, or taking a trip out of town. Perhaps love is giving, material things and not. Sharing yourself, your time and privacy, until it hurts. Or perhaps, love is a combination of all these and more. Or perhaps, I don’t know. Now I’m confused. Hahaha.

Love is patient, love is kind. It is never jealous. Naks. Those were the words from the Bible. But then again, there were gazillions of other definitions one may find about this particular word. Nasabi na ata lahat, in any possible way, in every possible form. And so, I’ll leave the defining to them na lang. basta I believe that Love is a combination of a lot of things. It is best felt than defined. No limits, no considerations. Boundless and hopefully, Endless. Enjoy the love month everyone!!! =)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

From Past to Present

There’s something weird about yesterday - Valentines day. Surprisingly, quite a lot of people cared and actually gave a damn! All of a sudden, I was flooded through email and texts by warm greetings of a happy heart and a lovely celebration. I have seen people carrying HUGE, and I mean big, bouquet of flowers, stuffed animals, cakes and other cute-sy stuffs, perhaps for and from their loved ones. Seeing their happy-eager faces, I can’t help but feel like it was Christmas, in February. This is sooooooooooo unusual. And I am not in any way trying to be my bitter self once again (Life has been good and I’m way too far from Bitterlandia - puhlease). It’s just that this present year, it feels different. Yes, that’s the word, different.

With all the deadlines and the company planned activity with the kids, I have managed to go out with some of my good friends to watch a movie, after quite a busy long day. In the midst of the crowd full of people drunk with love, we have endured the long lines in restaurants and the movie ticket counter. Geez, if it’s true that our past relationships have taught us to love better, then perhaps, a lot of people have had their share of heart breaks last year! That is why they are all trying to make things right – this time around. This is actually good, personally speaking! In fact, we were all happy, just seeing their faces lit up, well at least for today. Haha.

On our way to dinner, a sudden, unexpected and unwelcome event happened. Somebody’s past came and uhm yeah, “popped” right in front of her. I wouldn’t want to go into details, but let’s just say that it was bad. Past is bad, maybe even evil. All of a sudden, our smiles vanished and moods were altered. We were all concerned for our dear friend. It was one of those things that she actually prayed never to happen in this lifetime. As she put it, the guy is like Sloan to Sally – if you ever saw Music and Lyrics, you’ll know what I mean. And all these, have to happen, on Valentines day, where most people are very well celebrating love. Ahhhh Life, minsan palabiro tlga.

On my way home I couldn’t help but think of what just happened. If you’ve read my previous pieces, I have openly admitted to having gone through the same process myself. How do you face the monster of the past at present. You can picture the meeting in your mind or maybe even exercise your dialogues, but the truth is, you can never be prepared. You just have to somehow be ready, for whatever comes along. Experience is really the best teacher and pain is really part of growing up. Perhaps this is the very reason why most of us, at some point, wished that we were once again kids! Because kids don’t have a past that may or may not haunt them for the rest of their life. No pains and regrets, and the future just look bright and colorful – just like your favorite candy bar.

But then again, we’re not kids. We are all grown up, scarred, wounded and somehow, survived. That is perhaps the best thing we can say to ourselves, each time we feel like we can’t take things any more. We survived. We all have those memories of our past, it may be bitter, good or may even be evil. But let us all remember, that these are just memories. That’s all they are. But then again, facing the monsters of the past takes time. You cannot force yourself to simply be ready by tomorrow. Moving on is one thing and letting go is another. Until then, you just have to be strong. If you’ve experienced the worst, things can only be better – the odds have no other choice. Believe me!!! Past is past, we hear that often. Let us not drag them back into the present and ruin everything we have built for ourselves. Instead, let us make the lessons of the past help us live better in the present. Hope you all had a happy valentines day! I did… =)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Vince Philosophy

The world is composed of individuals that are unique and distinct. Each of us represents something new, different and creative in this ever changing and diverse world. Each individual owns oneself, thus we are free to make our own decisions and we are allowed to have our own interpretation on things that really matter. We have varied choices and different ideals, and these things are what make us unique – in every sense of the word.

A lot of people see me as a generally happy person. When I’m with my friends, there are no dull moments. I feel that there are gazillion things to be happy about in this world – we just have to open our eyes to be able to see it. Sa mall pa lang madami nang nakakatawa e! Hehe. Kidding! In a number of cases, I have been asked how I do it. How, with all the troubles in this life, I still manage to crack a joke and literally laugh about it. For a while I thought maybe I am a little insane. And that little insanity has helped keep me from going crazy. Haha.

I am not perfect. And contrary to what you may have heard or perceived, I don’t live a perfect life. I do have my share of up again-down again phases. I do have my moments of triumphs and defeat, of good and bad choices, and as heavy glued as my hair is (most of the time), I do experience a bad hair day! The things that you may have gone through are the very things that I may be having or had. The only difference is that I deal with things perhaps a little different than you. And now, let me just share to you one of the best philosophy I’ve ever learned and applied in my 20 something life. Perhaps it is not new to you, you may have heard of it elsewhere, but what the heck – this is my version, so I will call it The Vince Philosophy! It’s all about minding what really matters and forgetting the ones that don’t.

When people start to question your views because they do not conform to the so-called norms, don’t mind them. You are entitled to your own opinion and so are they. Kanya kanya yan so wag mo nang patulan. It’s just a matter of mind, if you don’t mind, it does not matter.

When they start to spread malicious rumors about you (mag-re-resign na yan, nag-a-apply sa ibang company, na-3 kasi sa eval, kasi ganito/ganyan etc), just let them. After all, these are just rumors. They don’t really affect me. It’s like if somebody tell people that I’m color pink – since I am not really color pink, why would I be bothered? Right? If it’s not true, don’t sweat it. Sayang lang ang miles. It’s just a matter of mind, I don’t really mind, so they do not really matter.

When they start to attack you personally. Either you’re too skinny, you’re too fat, your too ugly, too pretty (wow!), too nosy, too whatever. Don’t listen. Clearly, these people are simply jealous of what you probably have. Just another mind over matter thing. If you don’t mind, it really does not matter.

When you finally get the vacation you soooooo wanted only to experience an unexpected power interruption during night time!!! And then your friend slash roommate starts to tell you some ghost stories-kick him in the butt!!! Este, I mean, don’t mind him!!!!! You will only scare yourself more!!! The cold breeze is just part of the weather!! It has nothing to do with ghosts!!!! Malamig lang tlga sa Baguio at this time of the year!!!! Waaaahhh…. Again, it is all a matter of mind. If you don’t mind, it really does not matter!!!!!

I can go on and tell you some more, but then again, baka abutin ako ng ilang araw before I can put this piece to an end (I’m freezing na rin here). Besides, I know my readers are intelligent and by now you probably get my point. Hehehe. You see, everything is just a matter of perspective. People can say what they want to say about you, but remember that it is only you who knows the real deal about yourself. If you cannot change the situation, simply change your attitude towards it. You can either choose to be mad and unleash that anger in an instant or you can simply shrug it off, smile and be an advocate of world peace! So the next time you feel like blowing up over something, think first!!! Think hard!!! Remember this very philosophy and perhaps you’ll realize that after all, it doesn’t really matter!!!!

** Because I don’t know how to play tong-its, I was able to write this blog!!! The first blog I’ve written outside Metro Manila, with a very very bad song on the background!!!! Hahahahahahahaha.. Ciao!!!!