Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NO B DEAL!@#@!

This is definitely one of those times when they say na minsan, mapagbiro ang tadhana...

I've always been a fan of Beyonce, even way back her Destiny's Child days. So when news came out that she'll be coming all the way down here to perform, I was ecstatic! I mean, really ecstatic!!!!

But to my surpise, she'll be staging the concert in the middle of the week (Nov 7 - Wednesday) at the time when I will not be in Manila. Ggrrr. So I thought, perhaps I can cut my trip short and be back home in time for the concert, only to find out that my itinerary's full and I just can't find an open flight back.

So I said, ok lang. Besides, mahal masyado ang ticket. I mean, P 5500 is quite expensive - considering that it will be staged in an open field. I tried to remember the same experience when I watched Mariah "lipsynch" at The Fort, and wished I didn't shell out that much dough and just parked somewhere (MC Depot.. hehe..) since I can't even get a glimpse of her neither.

Mejo ok na sana. Until I got this email from the office - "Accenture employees get to see Beyonce Live at a Special Discount rate". Geez, they are selling the tickets at 60% off. Ayos di ba? Gggrrr...

This has only made me realize that NO, hindi mapagbiro ang tadhana like what most people say. Mapang-asar siya! Ever! waaaahhhh... I think I'm gonna die.....

This is why I love her.. HOT! HOT!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Must See Movie

When love ends....
How long should you hold on?
How soon should you let go?
How do you move on?

For anyone who has ever loved and lost.....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shifting Gears

Today, I was greeted early with an expected surprise. “Expected” because at some point, I knew it was coming and yet it still is very much a “surprise” since I didn’t really know when it is going to happen.

“Please report on Monday, October 22……..”

The message was simple, very specific and direct to the point. And yet after reading, it still left me with even more questions, made me weary with second thoughts and has made me doubt if this is really something that I want.

A year ago, I started this hunt for a better opportunity. I’ve sent out my applications to almost every possible company that I thought I’d like and have made quite a number of interviews as well. Back then, my reason was simple, I simply wanted to run away from something, from someone, from somewhere and start my career all over again. I wanted to change my life so fast that I thought changing job would do it in an instant.

There is a time when changing your career is just the right thing to do and the timing is just perfect. But back then I realized that it was not. Soon, I find myself backing out from interviews, turning down job offers and even had to talk myself out in an ongoing interview after realizing that this is not what I want. So I stopped the hunt, and started taking things in stride. Soon, I find myself enjoying exactly where I am at and the people around me. And for the very first time, in my career, I was actually happy! And I am saying this with all honesty.

If you’ve read my previous entry – this is directly related to lucky number 43. Yes, I got lucky. And now it is really happening.

Today, I received the good news and the feeling is all too different. Now, I didn’t have to move to get away from anything. I don’t have a really bad reason to leave and work elsewhere. No dramas, no ill-feelings, not even a single worry. Everything seems to work fine with me now. Does this mean that I am making the right choice if I decide to go?

Reading through the message I got early this morning, I couldn’t help but feel weird. I did not in any way set out to look for a job for quite sometime now and yet, this somehow has made its way to me. I am both anxious and scared. I am confused. So many things have been going through my head and it feels like I’m running in a treadmill for hours. I am torn between so many things. I am torn between wanting it for real and wanting it for the very reason that so many people wanted it. I am torn between my mother’s approval and my father’s objection. I am torn between making the right decision – if only I know which one to choose.

Nothing is certain, but one thing I know is for sure, I am in dire need of divine intervention right now.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Tale of the Opposites

Again, I went on a blog holiday for a couple of weeks in lieu of my very busy schedule. Artistahin no? Hahaha. But seriously, I’ve been very busy lately with both career and personal matters and it seems like my body is taking its toll on me now. To be honest, ang dami kong gustong isulat but I just don’t have the courage and the stamina to get my mind going for so long.

A lot of things have happened in the course of three freakin’ weeks. May nagbalik-bayan. Dumagdag ang trabaho. May nag-text ulit after going AWOL for almost three months. May nawalan ng cellphone at may nagpanggap na nawalan ng cellphone. Hahaha. Kung mababasa niyo to (to all bitches/Divas, kurimaws at nagpapanggap na jologs), hanapin niyo kung saan kayo belong – basta alam nating lahat na akin yung isa jan! Sssssshhhhhh… Walang bukingan.

A few days ago, I got a text message from an old friend B who went living under a rock for about three months (gotcha!). B is your regular 30-something commitment phobe guy who just can’t seem to get enough of first and second dates – yes! You read it right. Even if he’s just a few years shy of life – the beginning of it! Dan-dan-dandan… Sounds disaster right? But not really (this is me being a friend!). B’s been through a lot in the relationship arena so to say that him being a commitment phobe is simply an excuse to be legally promiscuous, is a very unfair and unwitting conclusion. And jan kami magkaiba, hindi ako commitment phobe like what someone thinks, oo ikaw yon! Hehehe. =P

I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist by profession (in fact I hate them! Go figure! Haha). But over the past couple of years, this guy’s been coming to me for sessions over a cup of coffee or a bucket of San Mig Light. Sabi niya, I am the sanest person pagdating daw sa matters of the heart – he said this after a few bottles of Red Horse Extra Strong Beer and yes, ito ang tama! That’s why we shifted to San Mig Light after that. He met this new specie. Been going out with this creature of the Earth for over four glorious months now and everything is perfect. So perfect that it makes him freak out, panic and hallucinate.

I call this the four-month cycle. Hahahaha. Lagi naman e. You’ve had commitment phobe hommies don’t you? Minsan the cycle is way shorter than four months. Pero in his case, four months tlga. Ggrrr. This has been a recurring problem of his and I thought that it was about time to put an end to it all. Mind you, malaya ako now. Hindi ako pumatay ok?? May sakit lang ako kaya wala ako sa scene… Siya may four-month cycle ako daw may four year cycle.. hmmmm.... makes me wonder...

I am not really fond of giving pieces of advice to people especially in this particular area – yung sarili ko ngang lovelife hindi ko maayos, makialam pa ba ako? But since he begged, I obliged myself to do so. Hihihi. So here’s a part of my findings, hopefully, it will help others who are also in the same field as B.

We live in a world of uncertainties. We run in circles in search of something that we haven’t tried before. Bottomline, we all want to be happy. And if you happen to find that special someone who does make you feel like you’re the luckiest bitch on Earth, go ahead, FALL! And if it hurts, well, in the end it will probably be worth it. When somebody tells you that he/she will love you forever, don’t ever doubt that he/she will love you. It’s the FOREVER part that you should not believe. Because even if we want have that fairy tale-like romance of happy endings and glass slippers, we all know that there is no such thing as that. Forever is as long as it lasts. Mejo bitter pero aminin na natin.

We all have hurt before, we all have our share of disappointments and heartaches and we all lived through it. All we have to do is to keep an open mind. Sabi nga ni Migs of MGG – the opposite of love is not hate but INDIFFERENCE and the opposite of happiness is not sadness but FEAR. Don’t deny yourself of the opportunity to be loved by somebody else at present because of your past. Let it be a lesson for you to actually live your life at present and build an even happier existence in the future, hopefully, together.

I know. Easier said than done. Ibalik mo na lang sa akin pagdating ng panahon. Hahaha.
Oi, bayad mo!!!!! =P

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Song of the Moment

I am officially a Sugarfree fan! Hahaha. They really make the best music among the bands here in the country. And mind you, original ah.. Hindi puro revival lang..

It's such a refreshing thing to hear a new song that does not only sound nice, yung may content din! Hahaha. I am currently loving this new Sugarfree song. I think this is their best song ever, bukod sa "Prom". Hahaha.