Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ang LOBO bow!

Some friends of mine were talking about a certain story over breakfast. The topic was about "Lobo" which happens to be the title of papa Piolo's next TV series. I never got to see that much TV lately for some very odd reason, uhm well, hindi nman talaga ako mahilig manuod ng TV in the first place - unless there's something interesting. Hahahaha. And so my eager self listened, afterall, it was about Piolo, nothing beats that.

Halfway through the story, I got bothered. I just couldn't get it. The plot, the story, and most of all, the twist. For some reason, hindi ko sila ma-connect sa isa't isa. Until somebody blurted "tumatakbo yung lobo tapos binaril siya ni Piolo". This one, hindi ko na kinaya, so I bravely asked - "teka, you mean lumipad right? pano tumakbo yung lobo? Isn't it supposed to fly?". Only to find out that LOBO is the tagalog word pala for fox. Hahaha. All those time, I thought we were all talking about lobo, as in the balloon. Buti hindi ko tinanong kung anong color. Tanga ko! So for the next two minutes, I laughed my heart out of pure humiliation..

and FYI - I died! Hahahaha..

I asked around some other friends if they are aware that LOBO is a fox. Turns out, everyone knows that. Damn! Even my sister laughed at me for that! Kaasar. So if there's someone out there who's just as clueless as me on this "lobo" thing - please - we need to join forces! hahahahaha..

Looks promising.. Can't wait to see it...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ang Pagbabalik

I never...... said... that I'm hungry.... Acheche....

You know the lines...

Well, this is by far the only teleserye that kept me up so late to watch (bukod kay Kokey! Hahahahahaha... kidding).

It's kinda nice that they are back. Can't wait to see it.. I lllluuurrrrvvvvv Anne Curtis here!!

Desire. Betrayal. Compassion. Despair. Obsession. Fear. Hope Greed. Vengeance. Power.

The Birthday Bash

Exactly two weeks ago, I remember feeling anxious as I see my name appear on our group’s calendar for the very first time.

Date: November 16

Event: Vinson’s Birthday Bash

Well it’s not like the announcement is something unpleasant or anything, it’s just that I realized, that I am about to throw a party in celebration of my 23rd birthday! (ang mag-react mababaog! I’m telling you). Dumbidumbidumbidum…

This is actually the first time that I’ll be doing this – celebrate. I am so used to just let the day pass without any fuss. Well, hindi nman sa makunat ako. Haha. It’s just that for the past couple of years, I got so used to people asking me out because it is my birthday. Kailangan lumabas. Minsan, it has become more of an obligation then, than a celebration. Haha. I would like to say that it is just a joke pero sasabihin niyo that jokes are half meant. Kaya wag na lang. =P

The thing is I am not comfortable with the idea, I don’t really celebrate birthdays. In fact, there was even a point in time when I began to hate it. For me, it is just a day – like any ordinary day where people simply do their normal routines and go on with life. Why do I have to make such a big deal about it? Besides, tatanda na naman ako! Don’t you feel that at a certain age, you simply want the numbers to stop accumulating, permanently! Hahaha.

But this year, things have changed hence, the birthday bash.

I remember feeling all too excited about it. For some reason, I was really looking forward to it. This time, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I sent the invitations, prepared some treats and made sure everyone was in the loop. I am not going to wait for anyone to tease me para mag treat - I am in charge. This year, I am going to celebrate! For a change. For real.

November 16 came. And as I wait for our table to be ready, I began to wonder. What am I exactly celebrating here? Yes it is my birthday, but then again, there’s got to be some reason more than just the day being my natal day. Kailangan may reasons to celebrate. Before I knew it, my friends arrived and we started talking the night away. Midway through the dinner, I still couldn’t get the question out of my mind. And then it dawn to me, as we began to pass around dessert. The reason I was looking for is actually right in front of me. All 10 of them. This year, I celebrated friendship. Years of real and honest friendship! Yung mga kasama kong lumaki - kahit yung iba hindi lumaki tlga. The people who've always been there for me after all these freakin' years. That's just reason enough for me to celebrate! And now, days after my birthday, allow me to thank each and everyone of you for that. To everyone who remembered. Sa mga nag IM, nag text, nag message here, sa friendster, sa blogspot, sa email, sa mga tumawag from here and abroad (esp!), sa mga nakaalala in general. Salamat! Salamat! And Suuuuppppperrrr Salamat! You never know how happy I am because of you guys!

I’d love to share to you what I wished for, pero masadong mahaba yon. Hahahaha. Kaya here’s something that somehow sums it all up. Wishes… Wishes… Stay happy everyone!!!

I’d love to share to you what I wished for, pero masadong mahaba yon. Hahahaha. Kaya here’s something that somehow sums it all up. Wishes… Wishes… Stay happy everyone!!!

To listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with an open heart;
To appreciate beauty;
To seek elegance rather than luxury;
To live content with small means;
To study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, never in a hurry;
To find the best in others;
To give of oneself without the slightest thought of return;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a rescued soul, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
To play with enthusiasm and sing with exaltation;
To laugh often and much;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived

-- I think this is an Emerson piece...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A New Light in an Old Mindset

“Dati, pag ganitong araw at oras ng gabi, tuwang tuwa na kami. Kasi sisindihan na yung petromax sa bahay!!! Maliwanag na maliwanag ang bahay at daanan, tapos sabay kami ng mama mo na nag-iigib ng tubig para gagamitin sa paghahanda sa fiesta” This is how my second cousin slash aunt slash whatever Catalina started to recount her story as we walk along the streets of Boljoon, on the eve of the town’s fiesta. It was a busy night for everyone, including me, as I began to embark on a journey of enlightenment, of purpose, of experiencing probably one of the turning points in my life.

I never really wanted to go out of the room and mingle some more. Mainit sa labas, madaming tao, magulo, walang marunong mag tagalong, etcetera. I tried to give all the excuses I could ever think of. Truth is, I’ve been in the place for four days now and the piercing look I get everywhere I go is becoming more and more annoying everyday. Being the new kid in town, I know one just couldn’t help but get the same treatment yet somehow I still felt a little awkward then. It feels like I’m walking naked on the street without me knowing it and that alone makes me want to simply stay in the room. But on that particular day, I obliged myself to actually go out and experience the so-called “buhay probinsya”.

We started touring the place. Got to see the sights, taste some delicacies and local dishes. Eventually, I got to know some people which was quite a challenge then, given the language barrier. Soon enough, I get to be introduced and experience their kind of life. Filling the ‘banga’ with water. Going out of the house to use the unusual toilet. Feeding the chickens and even played with two pigs and a dog. And later on, I get to appreciate the scenery, the fresh air, the bahay kubo, and the people – how they tried to answer all of my silly questions – with effort!

At dinner, I couldn’t help but ask Lyn (c Ate Catalina to, mas posh lang pag Lyn, and I call her that), ganito ba talaga ang buhay dito? Napaka-simple. Lahat ng bagay nakukuha sa backyard. Masaya nman kayo? I tried to be subtle so as not to sound too offensive or plain obnoxious. But in reality, all I wanted to ask her was how come they managed to live their lives like this, when there are gazillion things out there to aspire for. Like having a plasma TV perhaps? Or kahit hindi na plasma, kahit TV na lang alone. I was wondering how come they’ve stayed with this old lifestyle when the whole world is turning global.

She answered me by telling more stories of how they have managed from day to day. How life unfolds for them in this side of the world. And all these time, I was left in awe. The girl is simply and genuinely happy with what she’s been doing. With how her life turned out so far. For her, that defines success. I was both surprised and a little embarrassed for even asking her that. But then again, she presented me a very valuable lesson.

In life, how do you define success? Is it by number of cars parked in your garage? Is it by the figures you earn? By position you hold? By the phone you are using? Or by the shoes you are wearing? I used to see people who wear a nice suit paired with great shoes, a fab watch, and who rides a posh car with chauffer – simply successful. Yes, I am that specific. But now, that is just plain shallow bordering stupid. With the recent experiences I’ve had, I now define success as having an integrated life. You see, the people I've met recently doesn't necessarily have everything. They don't have the wealth, the material things, the money and the mob (nyeks!). They were just simply happy people who have learned to live within their means and was able to achieve a balance between their personal and 'professional' life. Afterall, success outside the family cannot compensate the failure inside. There should be a great deal of balance in all aspects of one’s life in order for him to be called successful. The measure of success varies and can be very specific for some. We all have our own definition, depending on your level of emotional and intellectual development. And for me, to accomplish everything I’ve ever hoped for and leave this world better than I found it – would be the ultimate measure and definition of success.

Turns out, I did enjoy buhay probinsya!