Tuesday, December 25, 2007

That Xmas Spirit

Have you ever been to a mall lately and experienced the most chaotic scene there is in the entire planet? Ok I may be exaggerating. But hey, this year, I felt that thing they call “xmas rush” in all and every aspect.

It started two weeks ago, when a friend of mine asked me to go and visit a bazaar. A few hours in the area got me dizzy as hell with the number of shoppers in attendance, making their way to each and every stall to find that perfect Christmas present for their loved ones.

I know by now, you must’ve been dying to tell me that I should’ve started shopping for gifts earlier than usual but you see, with the schedule I’ve had the past couple of months, things have been pretty tight really. A lame excuse. Truth is, this is partly correct but it’s more of this year, I am not really feeling the Christmas spirit that early. Kaya hindi rin ako nag-shop ng maaga. Hahaha.

Yesterday, 2 days before Christmas, with my unfinished list of Christmas gifts to be bought and sent to my God-children and some friends, I braved going once again to the mall. This time I was soooo damn eager to get it all done and over with. Kung hindi ngayon kalian pa right? Baka abutan na ako ng Chinese New Year! Hahaha.

As expected, the place was packed. Mag expect pa ba ako ng walang tao right? But then, I’m known for being a mall rat – or at least that’s what most people think of me so I try to live up to that expectation – so hindi ako magpapa-apekto sa mga tao. I leisurely walked around, going from shops to shops doing some window shopping for myself, baka kasi may ma-miss akong stuff. Haha. And then I got to this one place where the entire mall population has been staying all these time – the toy store.

To say that they were a lot of people will be the understatement of the year! And boy I am in for a treat! Between parents trying to get their kid to decide on which toy to get, between the cries of those who can’t seem to get what they want, between some adults who can’t seem to get enough of baby stuffs - in the midst of this chaotic scene, I felt sooo alone. Yes, this is perhaps the most ironic thing that ever happened to me so far. Being in a place full of people and yet feeling so alone and lonely at that. And as I try to regain my composure and get back to my shopping list – I felt unsuccessful so I just grabbed the most convenient things I can and headed out to the cashier and left (Sorry – effort na effort ang gifts ko).

And today, on the eve of Christmas as I try to wrap them all in the most neat way I can, I couldn’t help but wonder, how many Christmases have I wished for something that didn’t come? Has Santa once again, forgot me and passed by my place without stopping? That Biatch! Sana hindi kami magkita sa New Year’s Ball, kung hindi, I’ll really throw a Martini (extra dirty) on his face ala Cherrie Gil! Bwahaha.


Before you think of nasty thoughts why Santa didn't drop by - Let us establish the fact that I have been good this year, by my standards! Hahaha.

Happy Christmas everyone! May yours be better than mine, sana nag stop sa inyo si Santa. Hahaha. =P

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Think I Can Dance

Recently I got hooked on this new channel on cable called VELVET. A few days ago, I caught something that realllllllyyyyyy impressed me. And I mean REALLY. Affected ako! Got goosebumps after watching them perform.

I was watching the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and just couldn't stop gushing about these performances. I never really thought that one can tell a story through dance - akala ko sa song lang siya nangyayari. Well, there goes my artistic sense!

I've been dancing since I was a kid and been joining some classes over at the gym, so I really think I can dance. But the moment I saw these guys perform, nahiya ako. I can't dance pala. Hahaha.

So can they dance? Hell yeah!!!!!

choreograph by Mia Michaels
(notice how she managed to make the dancers go back to their first position at end of the choreo. Galing! I love it!)

And what can you expect from a Wade Robson choreography? Perfection. I'm soo dying to learn this one. Hahaha.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Train Wreck

a sort of SOCO-ish type of investigation....

December 19.

A train got derailed and killed a number of people in Pakistan - such a bad news!

Ironically something of the same nature - but less serious - happened in Manila, involving trains.

Another train wreck was reported to have occurred during the Accenture party held at the SMX center.

Train Wreck @ SMX, Dec 19, Manila.

Nung una, walang gustong umamin - later on, out of the godness of their hearts - or conscience, people started to claim that they hold responsible for this poor sight.

But for the sake of everybody - para sa ikatatahimik ng lahat. I decided to investigate this further to get to the bottom of things. Pin down the suspects. Parang SOCO. =P


Sila ba??????

Or baka nman sila??? Sa kaka-pose nila ng 300..

Sa aming pagsisiyasat, isa lang ang napatunayan namin. Clearly, walang lihim na hindi nabubunyag. Kaya para sa ikatatahimik ng lahat, sino nga ba ang sumira sa mahiwagang train set???????? - I personally got the clasified document na makapagpapatunay kung sino ang mga salarin.

Ganda ng pic!


It's bad enough when people are made aware that you did something bad - what's worse is when they actually got it on tape or in our case, on camera for the whole Accenture people to see!!!!!! Hahaha.. Buking! =P

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Angels are Back

Yes, the angels are back to make all our lives better. Hahaha.

This is perhaps one of the most anticipated fashion shows in the world - mejo well attended din..

Think Karolina, Adriana, Selita, Alessandra and Heidi = Victoria's Secret Angels!

It's just not the same without Giselle don't you think?

Trivia: Do you know that the country has one of the biggest VS factory in the world?? AMZAING isn't it? Hehe. =P

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Best Day So Far

According to my dad, you can only get lucky three times in one lifetime. I dunno where he got this mantra – perhaps on one of those Chinese horror stories? Haha. Somehow I grew up having this idea that luck will indeed smile at you thrice. But he never did mention that it can all happen in one freakin’ day – all three chances, perhaps even more. And I mean that with all sarcasm.

Today, December 11, 2007, I woke up with a huge mosquito bite on my left cheek. Taking things in
stride, I tried to dismiss the idea that it is in fact obvious since I am just about to take a really cold shower. Cold minus sore minus redness equals beautiful skin. About 40 minutes later, I proved myself wrong. It was ever red-er than usual. But hey, no sweat, I said. A good zit is no match to a good concealer – e ano pa ang mosquito bite? Maning mani! And so, I did what perhaps most 'sane' people would do. Don't sweat small stuff. Conceal.

As I walked out of the house, I noticed that the sun is somehow trying to come out. We’ve all been experiencing a few rain showers over the past couple of days so feeling the sun’s rays over my moisturized skin is a welcomed opportunity. I then hopped in a very spacious train ride. Walang masyadog tao sa LRT. HIMALA! It seemed like lahat ng mga ka-train-pool ko e nag-connive to avoid that particular hour in the morning. I simply loved it!

Gil Puyat. My station. Normally, this place spells CHAOS at this time of the day, sa dami ba naman ng taong papasok sa Makati Business District. I was reeeeeaaaalllllyyy surprised to see a bus waiting for people nearby – kasi madalas, malayo nilalakad ko, may mga pseudo MMDA kasi. But today, wala. Kasama ata sila sa connivance nung mga train-pool ko. Maluwag ang bus – uhm yeah, that’s what I kept telling myself, until I realized that all seats were actually taken, just when I got in at ako na yung uupo. First one to be on standing position – ok lang, no big deal really! Small stuff right? And then I saw a reflection of my face on one of its window. Yan ang naging big deal! Remember the concealing part I mentioned? I didn’t work. In fact, the opposite thing happened. One word: Irritation. Whatever happened to the word hypo-allergenic? What are the odds that I will be part of the 1% - READ: ONE PERCENT – instead of the 99% guaranteed na ito ay hypo-allergenic!#@$

And it doesn’t stop there. As soon as I got in the office, I realized that I left my phone at home. Just when I have a very important call scheduled. So to make up for it, I decided to drop by someone’s office and bring the documents myself, only to be told that he is out for the day. Ok lang, mag-w-withdraw na lang ako! BDO here I come. I tried. I tried to get my money out of that plastic card but it just wouldn’t let me. Wrong PIN? WTF!#@%$#

So I took the signs very well. Today is perhaps not my lucky day. I should’ve consulted the newspaper baka nasasaad sa horoscope ko yan. For the rest of the day, I tried to be extra careful. I walked slowly than usual, avoided bringing mugs with liquids, and practically stayed on the safe side. On my way home, mejo nakahinga na ako ng maluwang. Except for the fact that the bus I took on my way home e maraming ipis - the small ones crawling on the windows - too bad I as seated sa window side!!!!!! Freak out mode talaga. Ipis is synonymous to panic for me. After a series of really unfortunate events, I was just glad na pauwi na ako. Tapos na, uhm yeah almost. Until I realized na lumampas na ako ng station ko!!!!!!! Hindi ako nakababa….. Bwiset!

Now, I am surrounded by a lot of pillows in case may mahulog or lumipad or what. I am soooooooooooooooooooo glad na tapos na tong yugto ng buhay kong ito. Tomorrow, is a new day. Thank God for that!!!!!


Luck perhaps is on day off! Hahahahaha..

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Heart of the Matter

After sometime, you do have to face the ghost you’ve been trying to avoid or in my case, the ghost that I have created myself.

A few days ago, somebody asked me, “Are you really leaving Manila on December 18? Tuloy na tuloy na ba flight mo?” I wanted to answer that right then and there, but hey, the better of me wanted to know how he’d handle it – how he’d react. So I just gave him a simple pa-cute smile and shrugged it off. Hehehe. *evil grin*

Earlier today, I was asked the very same question and this time, I willingly answered – afterall, ibang tao na yung nagtanong e. Haha.

“Ayan ka na naman e. You just can’t let everything pass you by” she said.

This is what she told me, after hearing that I did not take the Emirates job. Yes. Tama. I am not moving afterall. The decision was never easy, coming from a long vacation – I’ve clearly weighed my options right and I think I made the right choice. I was certain, then. But now, after hearing her point, it got me thinking – could it be that she’s right? Am I really letting opportunities pass me by without realizing it?

At a certain age, we all would want to end up with a career that’s more fulfilling. A relationship that will last – even longer than you previous one. We all get to a point where you don’t want to simply try. You want to be sure. Precise. Steady. Or maybe, that is just me and my perfectionist disorder. Hahaha.

Everything is not ideal. I know that for a fact. I did not dream to become a ticket auditor slash QA tester when I was a kid. Nor did I dream of having my heart broken once, twice or even three times. That is why in every choice we make there is a risk involved. But there’s one thing I am most certain. I like my steaks well done. If I choose to do something or be with someone, I don’t like to hold anything back. Because, for me, anything half baked is such a waste of time.

When you go for something or someone that is a little less than what you want or hoped for, does mean you’ve lowered your standards and settled? Or are you just being realistic? – ahhhh thoughts, they're killing me.