Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Was '08 Really Great?

In a matter of hours (Manila time), we will once again begin another year. And sa kabila ng lakas ng ingay at putukan sa labas, I wanted to end the year right by reflecting on the things that happened in ‘08. But of course, I didn’t want this entry to be all about ‘Me’ again. Hahaha. That would be too much right? Besides, there are far more juicier things to discuss than to read about my ongoing battle with split-ends. Damn, I really need a good haircut. Sheeessshhh..

Anyhoo… As I was bummin’ around the house earlier today. I once again caught the movie “One More Chance” sa Cinema One. And realized, that perhaps this was the year of breakups - among my good good and not-so-quite good friends. Ahhhh love… The only rational and irrational feeling in this world that bring us both extreme joy and sadness at the same time.

So I guess, this is for the people who just lost somebody…. Wag na ninyong kantahin… This is supposed to be a lil melodramatic entry. Anu baaaa.

I hate endings. And hearing stories about endings. But these are quite inevitable lately as I learned and begin to hear how some friends struggle their own personal battles, about the different endings in their life. As stories began to unravel, I was amazed at how automatic our responses had been. And although, I was with different groups of people each time – I’ve been hearing the same thing over and over again. “Things will get better” daw. Hearing this over and over again, made me want to really believe that. But then again, as always, ayoko. Makapangontra lang. =)

The pain of a heartbreak is like a rite of passage. Lahat ata tayo nakaka-experience na niyan, one way or another. And for all of us who’ve gone through that phase, can you really, honestly tell me, that indeed things got better? Or didn’t we just bury the memories deep deep down our darkest thoughts where we can’t reach and find them easily?

So after a breakup, how does one get on with his or her own life and finally start moving on? Some say its about acceptance of the things that did and did not happen. Some say its about forgiveness, of your own shortcomings as well as the other person’s. Its one hellofva lot of things that somehow don’t make sense at first but will sure do when you get the chance to look back. Different strokes for different broken hearted individuals. Though one thing is for sure, clinging to that past is a sure fire way of not allowing yourself to experience a more exciting future.

So, like I said, this is for the people who just lost somebody. Para sa mga nang-iwan at mga iniwanan. If you are the one that left, well by all means you left for a reason so stop holding on to the past. And if you are the one that is left behind, never allow the person who left you to take away your capacity to actually enjoy your own life and eventually love again. Just because, he/she doesn’t love you, doesn’t mean you have to stop loving your own self.

And as we bid 2008 a nice goodbye, I hope you’ll all finally come to terms with your own battles and allow yourself to replace those old thoughts with even better memories – be it with your families, friends or in the arms of another love. May you all be at least fine in 2009. (Sorry for the rhyme thing – I can’t help it)

Happy New Year Bitches of the World!!!!

Stay Fab Fierce!!!!! Rawrrrr!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obama in Manila ?#@!

Can’t stop laughing at this…

Watch how Ate Glow glide from her seat and used her hand to stop… Ang Kwela Noohhh… Hahahaha..

“OMG that’s impacho na….”

A Lil Less Third World

It’s exactly four freakin days before Christmas (Manila time zone) and yes, I’m yet to complete my holiday gifts. Yes, I’m such a crammer... Hahahaha.

And so, last night I dragged my lazy ass to the mall before heading to another party. I have this brillant idea – read B-R-I-L-L-A-N-T…. of what I want to get some of my friends for Christmas. I was all geared up with my huge bag, excited to hit the store only to find out that the items were missing, on day off, or probably out shoping as well. Out of Stock! Kainizzzzz……

And so, I went out for a hunt in a nearby mall – Trinoma. A few hours of roaming around and feeling exhausted from walking – with all the other rushers trying to get their own list completed, I was low on energy and feelin down already. And then I saw this…..

O di ba? Not only does Trinoma have this really nice rooftop landscape-ek and really huge comfort rooms where you practically won’t have to fall in line to pee. They also have flowers sa CR. Men’s CR ha. Nakakaaliw. It made my night a lil less stressful. I just couldn’t let it pass so I took a picture. Hahahaha. It made me smile and perked me up – which is what I needed since I was going to a party pa after.

Things like this make us a lil less third world di ba?? Lovely... Whatchutink????

Sunday, December 14, 2008


When SM said “we’ve got it all for you”, seems like most people believed them and went straight to their malls. Hahaha. Talk about great marketing campaign.

Well, totoo naman. I heart SM, especially when they got Charlene G to model – naging mejo zoooshal… With their new look and all…

Today I decided to do some of my Christmas shopping at SM in Manila. First stop, kids section. Syempre, mga pang regalo sa mga inaanak. I was just amazed at how organized everything were and how nice their stuffs are. Just like this cute lil dress for a cute kid… Look….

But then, just when I was about to get this cute dinner set for my almost a year old inaanak… I found something proudly written at the back of the box…

Kumapit kayo, at hindi niyo kakayanin to. Inulit ulit kong basahin talaga, akala ko April Fools Day...


Nakakaloka. Shet!

It's indeed the season to be jolly - falalalala....Whatever...

In a matter of a few sleeps more, I will be unintentionally waking up to the sound of bells coming from a nearby church – simabang gabi na!!!! Which simply means, whaaaaaatttttt… Pasko na ulit. Nahulaan niyo ba? Hahaha.

With Christmas being just around the corner, nagsisimula na ang mga old traditions. Christmas parties, Christmas dinners, Christmas ham? And Quezo de Bola. Of course, who would ever forget the Christmas presents. Gifts. I’m sure some of you, hindi na mabilang ang dami ng inaanak, or madaming sinalihang exchange gifts ek. Hahaha.

For a while, I was in a hunt for the best Christmas present to give away. Just like in the past, I wanted to have a theme. I went “Oprah-ish” a few years ago, when I gave away some of my favorite things – from my favorite shampoo, to my favorite lip gloss. Sandamukal na Carmex ang ipinabili ko pa from LA nuon. Hahaha. There should always be a theme. Ayokong nagbibigay ng gifts nang walang katuturan at walang halaga sa buhay ko. Hahaha. In the end, its all about me. Kidding. This year, I was left wandering the well lit and well decorated corners of the malls I’ve been hunting at. Pero wala talagang inspiration. I need a gift na pang-‘Cum Laude’ rin! Darn! – Competitive no. Haha.

Anyhoo… Christmas parties came…. Christmas Dinners happened but (sing with me now please…) I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…..

And so, in my quest to still find a common theme this year… I decided to look for some inspiration and gathered all the presents I’ve received so far. This I did without any intent na mangopya ng theme. Hahaha. As I opened them one by one, I just couldn’t put into words the joy it brought me. All of a sudden, I found myself smiling – geez it felt weird pala. Parang abnormal lang. Hahaha.

The thing is, while it is true that material things can make a person smile. It is really the ‘thought’ that can make him happy. It doesn’t matter how expensive, how relevant, how fashionable or even how cheesy it is. What matters is that in the midst of all the chaos of having to go out and shop, the adversity we’ve somehow all experienced, the recession or even the global financial crisis – some people just couldn’t get you off their list. And it is in these little things, that I found big meanings. Huge ones. Especially, when they’ve shown an extended form of love, to embrace the one who is very dear to you. That for me is the best present. Ever.

And so here I am, still drunk with happiness. With no theme (as of this writing) and have a very little time to shop – normally this will freak me out but what the heck, it’s Christmas for goodness sake. I should be more forgiving to myself right? Hahahahaha.

Gtg shop... (online naman)

Happy Holidays Bitches. =)

I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For - U2

Monday, December 01, 2008

Notes from the Birthday Boy

First, I want to thank all of those na nakaalala… Yung mga nakalimot, pakshet kayo.. Hahaha. Of course I'm kidding.

I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts on this post. One week na siyang naka-draft sa akin hindi ko lang talaga matapos tapos. Hahahaha.

Anyways, the week before my birthday, I started to feel a little sad na naging depressed. Ewan ko, siguro its beginning to be a normal thing for me whenever my birthday is coming up. I’m going to get old again. And who likes to be called ‘old’ anyways. I hate it. I really really hate it. Hahaha. Ayan, Ang arte ko – nakakpangilabot. Raging emotions, hindi mapigilan tlaga.

Recently, somebody pointed out that there’s really no point in being sad. That now, I am in a better position in my life than I was before. And then I realized, he’s probably correct. Things have changed and hopefully, all is for the better. So here I am, trying to finally get it all together and finish this freakin entry. So, before my birth month ends, allow me to list the things that I’ve been grateful for, just this past 12 months of my life.

I am thankful for the new job that allowed me to grow. I’ve never realized that there’s so much more to learn out there, until I decided to finally brave the waters and get out of my comfort zone.

I am thankful for the new friendships that I’ve made along the way. I’ve been generally interested in people and being with these new relationships (friends, colleagues, business partners etc.) has allowed me to know more about myself and acknowledge my own personality. These people made me realize how much easier it is to get along with each other, and how much closer we can get, if we just be ourselves.

I am thankful for the old ones, who’ve stayed. Who made me realize that friendship does not stop from leaving one company, one country or even one continent, from long distance phone calls or emails. That no matter how rarely you get to text or call, you will still laugh at the same old stuff and talk the same way, like you never really left. Because the friendship remains the same, hopefully far longer than my tenure in my last job. Hehe.

I am specially thankful for having someone, who said will be there for me through whatever, and actually means it. ’Gusto mo yon?’

At some point in our lives, we’d all have hang ups about aging and getting old. Have we actually done enough? May mga ganung concerns. You’d simply want the numbers to stop accumulating at a certain spot for each birthday. But then we can’t. What matters is that, after another year, hopefully, we have become a better person than we were before. That after all the drama, laughter and some tears have passed, we are exactly where we should be. Some goals maybe achieved and some dreams may even be realized, and now was given another year to work on them.

Stay fab and happy people.

Name: Vince


Allow me to say this, I am in Manila - wala ako sa Thailand. At mas lalong hindi ako yung nasa billboard sa Hongkong. Hahahaha.

This Is Me (Acoustic Version).mp3 - Demi Lovato

Saturday, November 29, 2008

From Confirmed to Confeerrrmmeeedddd

I've always been interested in all things beautiful - kaya mahilig ako manalamin. Haha. Kidding.

Kaya naman, I got interested into doing Photography. Well, its been one thing that I kept on postponing for certain reasons but this time, it's real, tuloy na tuloy na to.

A friend recently sent me an ad about a workshop and I got all excited I sent my application that same day.

Kaso I got all tied up with work and something else, I totally forgot to follow up. Then when I opened my email, I did get confirmed but reading through the mail, I was 2 effing days late from the deadline of payment. Which means they actually cancelled me on their list. Kaasar di ba? Buti na lang, they were nice enough to still accomodate me and then I went from Confirmed to Confeeerrmedd...

Workshop is this Friday and Saturday already. Exciting.....


There was this joke about this kasi. Ano daw difference ng Confirmed sa Confeermmed (spelled as pronounced).

Somebody said, ang Confirmed daw is yung hindi pa masyadong sure.
Ang Confeerrmed naman, ay yung sure na sure na.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


I confess.
May bago akong kinalolokohan.

Book lang naman. Haha.

Since I went on a long leave, I discovered this book err author and his many books. It caught my interest kasi his style of writing is soooooo effing witty. Kaya ayun, na-enjoy ko naman. Good thing, somebody sent me a collection of his WOW (words of wisdoms).

Kaya Bob Ong – You are so right in these…. Fact You ka! (totoo ka!)

Mga Quotes galing kay Bob Ong

“Kung hindi mo mahal and isang tao, wag ka nang magpakita ng motibo para mahalin ka nya.”

"Lahat naman ng tao sumeseryoso pagtinamaan ng pagmamahal. Yun nga lang, hindi lahat matibay para sa temptasyon."

"Gamitin ang puso para alagaan ang taong malapit sayo. Gamitin ang utak para alagaan ang sarili mo."

"Huwag mong bitawan ang bagay na hindi mo kayang makitang hawakan ng iba. "
"Huwag mong hawakan kung alam mong bibitawan mo lang."

"Huwag na huwag ka hahawak kapag alam mong may hawak ka na."

"Parang elevator lang yan eh, bakit mo pagsisiksikan ung sarili mo kung walang pwesto para sayo. Eh meron naman hagdan, ayaw mo lang pansinin."

"Pag may mahal ka at ayaw sayo, hayaan mo. Malay mo sa mga susunod na araw ayaw mo na din sa kanya, naunahan ka lang."

"Hiwalayan na kung di ka na masaya. Walang gamot sa tanga kundi pagkukusa."

"Pag hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo wag ka magreklamo. Kasi may mga tao rin na di mo mahal pero mahal ka. Kaya quits lang."

"Bakit ba ayaw matulog ng mga bata sa tanghali? alam ba nilang pag natuto silang umibig e hindi na sila makakatulog kahit gusto nila?

"Kung nagmahal ka ng taong di dapat at nasaktan ka, wag mong sisihin ang puso mo. Tumitibok lng yan para mag-supply ng dugo sa katawan mo. Ngayon, kung magaling ka sa anatomy at ang sisisihin mo naman ay ang hypothalamus mo na kumokontrol ng emotions mo, mali ka pa rin! Bakit? Utang na loob! Wag mong isisi sa body organs mo ang mga sama ng loob mo sa buhay! Tandaan mo: magiging masaya ka lang kung matututo kang tanggapin na hindi ang puso, utak, atay o bituka mo ang may kasalanan sa lahat ng nangyari sayo, kundi IKAW mismo!"

"nalaman kong hindi final exam ang passing rate ng buhay. hindi ito multiple choice, identification, true or false, enumeration or fill-in-the-blanks na sinasagutan kundi essay na isinusulat araw-araw. Huhusgahan ito hindi base sa kung tama o mali ang sagot, kundi base sa kung may kabuluhan ang mga isinulat o wala. Allowed ang erasures."

"Wag magmadali sa pag-aasawa. Tatlo, lima, sampung taon sa hinaharap, mag-iiba pa ang pamantayan mo at maiisip mong di pala tamang pumili ng kapareha dahil lang sa kaboses niya si Debbie Gibson o magaling mag-breakdance. Totoong mas importante ang kalooban ng tao higit anuman. Sa paglipas ng panahon, maging ang mga crush ng bayan sa eskwelahan e nagmumukha ring pandesal. Maniwala ka."

"Hindi lungkot o takot ang mahirap sa pag-iisa kundi ang pagtanggap na sa bilyon-bilyong tao sa mundo, wala man lang nakipaglaban upang makasama ka."

"ayokong nasasanay sa mga bagay na pwede namang wala sa buhay ko "

"hinahanap mo nga ba ako o ang kawalan ko?"

"hindi dahil sa hindi mo naiintindihan ang isang bagay ay kasinungalingan na ito. at hindi lahat ng kaya mong intindihin ay katotohanan.."

"Kumain ka na ng siopao na may palamang pusa o maglakad sa bubog nang nakayapak, pero wag na wag kang susubok mag-drugs. Kung hindi mo kayang umiwas, humingi ka ng tulong sa mga magulang mo dahil alam nila kung saan ang mga murang supplier at hindi ka nila iisahan."

Mag-aral maigi. Kung titigil ka sa pag-aaral, manghihinayang ka pagtanda mo dahil hindi mo naranasan ang kakaibang ligayang dulot ng mga araw na walang pasok o suspendido ang klase o absent ang teacher.” - Soooooo True...

"Mangarap ka at abutin mo. Wag mong sisihin ang sira mong pamilya, palpak mong syota, pilay mong tuta, o mga lumilipad na ipis. Kung may pagkukulang sa'yo mga magulang mo, pwde kang manisi at maging rebelde. Tumigil ka sa pag-aaral, mag-asawa ka, mag-drugs ka, magpakulay ka ng buhok sa kili-kili. Sa banding huli, ikaw din ang biktima. Rebeldeng walang napatunayan at bait sa sarili."

"Tuparin ang mga pangarap. Obligasyon mo yan sa sarili mo. Kung gusto mo mang kumain ng balde-baldeng lupa para malagay ka sa Guinness Book of World Records at maipagmalaki ng bansa natin, sige lang. Nosi balasi. wag mong pansinin ang sasabihin ng mga taong susubok humarang sa'yo. Kung hindi nagsumikap ang mga scientist noon, hindi pa rin tayo dapat nakatira sa jupiter ngayon. Pero hindi pa rin naman talaga tayo nakatira sa jupiter dahil nga hindi nagsumikap ang mga scientist noon. Kita mo yung moral lesson?"

"Nalaman kong marami palang libreng lecture sa mundo, ikaw ang gagawa ng syllabus. Maraming teacher sa labas ng eskuwelahan, desisyon mo kung kanino ka magpapaturo. Lahat tayo enrolled ngayon sa isang university, maraming subject na mahirap, pero dahil libre, ikaw ang talo kung nag-drop ka. Isa-isa tayong ga-graduate, iba't-ibang paraan. tanging diploma ay ang mga alaala ng kung ano mang tulong o pagmamahal ang iniwan natin sa mundong pinangarap nating baguhin minsan...""

"Sabi nila, sa kahit ano raw problema, isang tao lang ang makakatulong sa'yo – ang sarili mo. Tama sila. Isinuplong ako ng sarili ko. Kaya siguro namigay ng konsyensya ang Diyos, alam niyang hindi sa lahat ng oras e gumagana ang utak ng tao."

Ang pagkitil sa sariling buhay ay karapatan lamang ng mga taong nakikipag-kwentuhan at gumagamit ng cellphone sa loob ng sinehan.

"Obligasyon kong maglayag, karapatan kong pumunta sa kung saan ko gusto, responsibilidad ko ang buhay ko."

"Nalaman kong habang lumalaki ka, maraming beses kang madadapa. Bumangon ka man ulit o hindi, magpapatuloy ang buhay, iikot ang mundo, at mauubos ang oras."

"Masama akong tao, tulad mo, sa parehong paraan na mabuti kang tao, tulad ko."

"Hikayatin mo lahat ng kakilala mo na magkaroon ng kahit isa man lang paboritong libro sa buhay nila. Dahil wala nang mas kawawa pa sa mga taong literado pero hindi nagbabasa."

"Mas mabuting mabigo sa paggawa ng isang bagay kesa magtagumpay sa paggawa ng wala."

"...madaming teacher sa labas ng eskwelahan. desisyon mo kung kanino ka magpapaturo."

"hikayAtin m0 LahAt ng kakilala m0 na mAgkaro0n kahit isA man lang paboritong libro sa bu0ng buhay nilA..dahil walA ng mas nakakaawa pa sa mga ta0ng literado per0 hindi nagbabAsa "

"dalawang dekada ka lang mag-aaral. kung 'di mo pagtityagaan, limang dekada ng kahirapan ang kapalit.sobrang luri. kung alam lang 'yan ng mga kabataan, sa pananaw ko ehh walang gugustuhing umiwas sa eskwela."

"iba ang walang ginagawa sa gumagawa ng wala"

"Kung maghihintay ka nang ng lalandi sayo, walang mangyayari sa buhay mo.. Dapat lumandi ka din."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Joy of Estrel

Now that I have a lot of time to kill, I am trying to experience the things that I’ve always wanted to try. And one of those things is this uuubbbeeerrr famous home-made, baked-fresh-on-the-day-you-pick-them-up cake from Estrel’s.

I’ve been told some good stories about this shop and their best seller caramel cake, in as much as I’ve read soooooooo many good reviews about the store online. Finally, after quite sometime, nahanap rin naman ang puno’t dulo ng chismis na ito and got down to the bottom of it – which is, magpa-reserve ng cake. Hahahaha.

Tip: If you try your luck by going there straight, in the hopes of getting a cake for yourself, WAG NA. All cakes are made-to-order. So you’ll find name tags on each and every cake on the shelf. Makakabili ka lang ng cookies siguro, but never a cake without a reservation.

All in all, it was a nice experience. Masarap. Indeed, what a wonderful way to celebrate six joyful months of being married. To celebrate the monthlong birthday celebration ni Pao. My time off from work and a whole lot of other things in between. Estrel’s Caramel Cake definitely met my expectations. AhhhhLoveEat….


Incidentally, the contact person of Estrel’s is named JOY. Yun!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Longest Weekend... Eveeerrr...

Today marks the start of a really llllloooooooonnnngggggg weekend for me. Exaggerated ang long because it actually started last night, Saturday, September 13 and will end on September 28, Sunday. Ganyan siya kahaba, literal na long. Yahooooo..

I’m quite excited ecstatic. In fact, I’ve been dying to have this long break. I’ve been working my ass off since 2001 and I’ve never had a break this long. The most I had was five days (including holidays pa yun), but this one is different. As in ten straight working days. Salamat sa mandatory leave ng bangko! Whoever thought of this rule should be worshipped. I-hu-hug kita ng sobra!!! Sobrang salamat talaga. Hahaha.

So what are my plans? Originally, I planned to go to the beach. Pero kamusta naman at bumabagyo. A few weeks ago, some friends were asking me to join them in Macau – the hottest destination this season. Napaisip ako, but then I realized expired na ang passport ko! Hahaha. At madaming madami pang plans – mag-aral ng photography, mag drive at pumila finally sa LTO for my license, maghanap ng maayos na multimedia school at maging fab. I’ve thought of a lot of things to do in the next ten days of freedom. Sobrang dami, I couldn’t fit each and everything in sa loob ng sampung araw. Na-realize ko, it is not really enough. Damn! Hahaha. Arte.

Kilala niyo ako, I am a planner. Gusto ko nakaayos lahat ng bagay. Organized and neatly mapped sa aking calendar. Tme is gold. I don’t like to waste my time thinking of what to do next – dapat sunud sunod na sila. On time and on schedule. That’s how I’ve always been.

But for some strange reason, this time, naisip kong mag-iba naman. For a change. So I dropped my list. Decided not to think about anything. No plans. No to-do lists to think of. For a change, gusto kong maging random. Spontaneous. And see what actually happens…

The OCD part of me is scared but the better part of myself is actually excited.. Eto na ang bakasyon… Go!!!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Feelin’ the Spirit yet?

Hello people of the planet Earth....

September na!!!!

Time flies sooooooooooo fast, for all we know pasko na naman...

hay buhay...

Let this be the first Christmas song you'll ever hear...

And sana maalala niyo ang regalo ko sa pasko! Hahaha.

hooo... hooo.. hooo... Love moves in mysterious ways

Merry Christmas…

Thursday, August 28, 2008

For the First Time

No... no.. hindi ito promo ng movie ni KC and Richard na showing na ngayon... Hahahahaha.

For the first time… Nag day off kami sa may UP.. To let Amina do her favorite thing to do… Ang magtatakbo at magpahabol ng bonggang bongga…

For the first time… I tried to unleash the photographer in me.. keyword – Tried. Kaso puro blurry ang images.. Di naman ako pasmado.. Shet…

For the first time… eto… hindi niyo kakayanin… kumapit kayong maigi….

Dallliiii.. Ready na? Hahaha.

Nagpa-picture sila sa akin… Este, cge na nga, nagpa-picture ako kasama nila.

What’s the deal?

With me in the black tote is the cute baby formerly known as Kim Chiu – but now more popularly known as Bellarmina aka Amina. Syempre, when we saw the real Kim Chiu sa mall, hindi na namin pinalampas ang pagkakataon na makuhanan sila ng picture together. Too bad, the real Kim Chiu is actually afraid of dogs – hence, kasama ako. Hahahaha.


First time kong magpa-picture na may kasamang artista. Kim and Gerald should be really proud. Dapat i-add nila ako sa Friendster/Facebook at Multiply. Hahahaha.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crazy Lil Thing Called LOVE

Lately, I’ve been exposed to the many facets of this thing called love. Madami akong mga kaibigan na iba iba ang istorya. Kanya kanya ng hinga ng mga hinanakit at problema tungkol sa pag-ibig. Iba ibang kwento, pero in the end, iisa lang naman ang puno’t dulo – Love.

May iba, patuloy na naghihintay. Kung kailan darating. Kung paano at kung saan. May iba naman na nakita na, but somehow, ended it tapos hindi maka-move on. Feeling nila, it was a wrong decision – pero gaya ng chess, minsan sa buhay, touch-move ang laro. May iba namang nagmamahal, at patuloy na nagmamahal kahit na alam nilang may ibang mahal yung taong minahamal nila and yet, they just can’t give up – they just won’t let go. And there are those who kept on loving, kahit na nasasaktan na sila. Kahit na hindi na dapat. Kahit hindi na tama.

This has got me thinking, di ba, Love is supposed to be a great feeling? It is supposed to bring you happiness. Fireworks. Something magical. Something that will make every thing in this world seem extraordinary. Something that will make the impossible, simply possible. Pero bakit ganon? Parang sa tinatakbo ng mga pangyayari, Love has become more of a liability than an asset. It has become a problem for many who’ve experienced it – if I may borrow the line of Rajo Laurel, isa lang masasabi ko, “nakakataquot”.

But still, I’d like to believe that everything happens for a reason. Which for now, maybe very vague and quite unreasonable minsan. We don’t really lose the one we love naman as in nawala talaga. Think of it as if we’re just passing him on to someone who’ll better take care of him. In the same way that he is passing us on to somebody who’ll love us better. Parang ang weird ng idea ko, pero malay niyo mag work. Bottomline, sana we will never lose hope and faith in Love. Because I believe, that this is the very essence of our creation. (Ayan pao – may sagot na ako sa essence of life). Love is the force that brings us back together, in order to condense the experience dispersed in many lives and many parts of the world, sabi ni Coelho. Ganda di ba?

So continue to believe. Continue loving. Kasi it is such a wonderful thing. For in the end, kahit gaano ka pa nasaktan. Kahit gaano ka pa nagpakatanga. Kahit gaano pa kasama ang naging bagsak mo. Love will still be the only thing that will cover up all those pain and it will still be the only thing that will make you feel better again. Tandaan mo, God only makes happy endings. It it is not happy, then maybe it is not yet the end.

“May we all find/experience a love soooooooo intense that it will justify the rest of our days”

Happily hoping,
Vince =)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Second Childhood

Nuong bata ako, pangarap kong maging isa cashier sa grocery. Hindi tulad ng mga kalaro ko, hindi ko ginustong maging Doctor, Engineer, o kahit Guro. Gusto ko talagang maging cashier, ng isang malaking grocery na katulad ng Ever. Akala ko kasi nuon, ganun lang kadali ang buhay, ilang pindot lang sa kaha, lalabas na ang pera.

Habang lumalaki ako, nare-realize ko na mali ako. Hindi pala madali ang buhay. Tulad ng pag-aakala kong madali ang maging cashier. Kaya hinanap ko ang sagot kung pano magiging madali ang lahat. Sinubukan ko ang lahat ng bagay na pwedeng subukan, sinalihan lahat ng pwedeng salihan. Nagbenta ng kung anu ano, naging athlete – track and field, volleyball – nag-choir, nag-member ng dance group, pati pag-b-boy scout sinubukan ko. Hanggang sa mapagod ako. Sa puntong ito, pinilit kong mag-aral na lang ng mabuti, sabi kasi ng mga matatanda, oras na makatapos ka ng pag-aaral, magiging madali ang pag asenso mo. Kaya kinuha ko ang kursong pinaka-unang pumasok sa isip ko, ang goal ko lang naman ay makatapos. Kahit na ano. Basta lang makatapos.

Ngayon, ilang taon na ang nakalipas mula nang umakyat ako sa stage para tumanggap ng diploma. Napapaisip ako, tama nga ba yung mga naging desisyon ko? Tama ba sila sa pagsasabing ang mga nakatapos ay madaling aasenso? Gusto kong isipin na tama. Pero alam ko sa sarili ko, parang hindi.

Ngayon, sa napakainit na panahong ito sa loob ng aking kwarto, napapaisip ako. Kung babalik ako sa pagkabata, may mga bagay ba akong babaguhin? Hmmm, madami. Alam kong hindi ako magiging ganito kung hindi ko napagdaanan yung mga bagay na naranasan ko. Pero hindi ako magiging ipokrito at sasabihing given the chance, uulitin ko ulit lahat. Kasi alam niyo naman, ayokong maging redundant. Hehe. Hindi naman sa nagsisisi ako sa mga naging desisyon ko. Pero kung bibigyan ng pagkakataon, may mga ilang bagay akong gustong baguhin. Kung pwede lang naman…

Kung babalik ako sa pagkabata at tatanungin ako kung ano ang gusto kong maging paglaki ko? Hindi ko na sasabihing cashier sa grocery. Gusto ko nang maging may-ari ng grocery na madaming empleyadong cashier at may madaming madaming madaming branches sa buong bansa. Para makatulong ako sa pag-unlad ng Pilipinas. Hahaha.

Kung babalik ako sa pagkabata, sana mas sineryoso ko kahit isa man lang sa mga sports na sinalihan ko. Baka naging part pa ako ng Philippine Team at kasali ako ngayon sa olympics. Hahaha.

Kung babalik ako sa pagkabata, sana hindi ko tinigil ang pagkanta at pagsali sa choir. Baka naging magaling na singer ako at ginusto rin ako ng kanta. Di tulad ngayon na parang pati adlib ayaw na sa akin.

Kung babalik ako sa pagkabata at pipili ng course sa college, baka mas pipiliin ko ang mga kursong may definite na pupuntahan. Medicine para maging doctor. Nursing para maging Nurse. Education para maging Teacher. Baka mas naging madali ang pagtukoy sa kinabukasan na kakaharapin ko. Kung anong field ang dapat kong pasukin at magiging fulfilling.

Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat. Pero masyado na ata akong matanda para magsimula ulit. Dahil kasabay ng pagkamulat ko sa kasalukyan ay ang mga responsibilidad na hindi ko pwedeng takbuhan kahit pa gamitan ko ng training ko nuon sa track and field. Pero kung babalik ako sa pagkabata, at makikita ko ang sarili ko ngayon, masasabi kong hindi naman naging masama ang kinalagyan ko. Baka sa kabila ng haba ng blog na ito, umaarte lang talaga ako. Hehehe.

Hay life. Nag-s-second childhood na ata ako. Kayo, kung babalik kayo sa pagkabata ngayon, ano ang gusto niyo maging paglaki niyo?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Connie Talbot

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What is LOVE?

I had some time to kill before I start my regular Sunday routine and decided to check on my favorite site and found this...

Man, if this is not LOVE, ewan ko na lang. Ewan ko na lang talaga!!!!

Watch and be amazed....

Kulang na lang si Charice Pempengco ang kumanta nung song and we're all set! Hahahaha.

I'm soooooooooooooo touched I want a pet lion din!!!!! Nakakaiyak shet!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New World and New Words

The thing about being in a new company, is that it gives you a very fresh start. Literally. Sobrang lahat bago. Pati mga tao. Every week, I get to see new faces along the four well ventilated corridors of the bank and sometimes I wonder how we all fit in, in the same floor. Huuwwwaaatttt!!!! Babaw.. Sheeessshhh..

Now the tables have turned. Ako na ang tinatawag na “new hire”. Along with sooooooooo many others who’ve just started building a career and a life, in general. Asteeeeg. Haha. Sabay sabay, we, the new hires, are trying to fit in the existing organization structure – trying to blend in with people and their existing culture. I’ll call it beginner’s luck (allowed pa ba ako nito?), but hey, I feel quite lucky to be in such a dynamic and diverse group of young professionals who blends well together as a whole. As in magkakasundo lahat – hmmmmmm, tama. Almost everyone. I can’t imagine working with people like these two na i-chi-chismis ko ngayon sa blog na ito. Beware loyal readers, this one’s really juicy. Hahaha.

One of the things that I love about working at Citi is the ever popular bank car. Lahat ng tao, pagpasok pa lang, yan ang unang unang ginagawa ata. Ang magpa-reserve ng bank car. But since, the ever on-the-dot-ako-uuwi-today me, ay hindi naman nag-e-extend, I don’t get to use this privelege ( 9pm pa kasi simula nito, way too late for me – at tlagang hindi ako aabot ng 9pm sa office – ayoookkooooo…). However, suki ako ng shuttle that brings people to Glorietta, Landmark, MRT or LRT. And in the many trips I’ve had, one was just sooooooooo freakin’ memorable.

I was in the parking lot early so when the car arrived, I was the first one in. I was relaxed, trying to cool down after a long days work (yaaak, long days work tlaga – nagpapanggap ako). When all of a sudden, two girls opened the car and willingly sat at the back. Me = deadma. Then off we go. During the entire travel, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversations at the back.

(I’ll try to spell it the way it sounded – the way I heard it)

Girl 1: San ka work prior Ziti?

Girl 2: Bleep Bleep Bank (read: local bank)

Girl 1: Oh yeah? I heard they like, uhm, u know, don’t pay well.

Girl 2: I knnnnnnnoooooooowwwww (exaggerated talaga), that’s why I left na there. (Ang image – iniingatan ni ate).

Girl 1: My gosh, I can’t imagine how I will live with that salary ah. I just can’t. Yaddah yaddah yaddah…Blah Blah blah… Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

Napalingon ako!!!! HEADACHE. Dahil matinis ang boses niya and I just hate it when people talk like that. Its like, its like, you know? Haha. Nahawa ako. Nakakabwisit tlaga ang arte arte. Allow me to judge them in this portion – please?????? When I glanced at them, goodness, hindi nman kagandahan ng mga batang ito. Kung maka-arte akala mo naman kung sino. Basta baduy. And by that I’m being polite pa. Grrrr..

On to the next story….

Sa Lobby. I had another encounter with a different kind. A different breed. A different theme, mejo Groupies. The first time na nakasabay ko sila sa elevator, there was a story being told (yaakk, baka isipin niyo chismoso ako, nakikinig sa usapan ng iba – hell no – maingay tlaga sila – and I’m being defensive right now). It was about another new hire in their team who, according to them don’t dress well enough – based on their standards. I wanted to look at all of them from head to feet para ma-judge ko rin sila but then pinigil ko ang sarili ko. Because at that time, I don’t feel super fab (fab lang. haha). With my eye glasses on plus the braces I have, I could very well pass as Ugly Betty in a better outfit. Therefore feeling ko, I am in no position to judge. Pero nakilala ko yung katabi ko – familiar face. Hhhmmmm…

But by next lunch, I get to view the entire cast. Yipeeeeee…

I met a friend for lunch and when I came back, nakasabay ko ang groupies – eiiiiiiiiiiiiii zzzzuuuuuupppp. I think they’re still talking about the same new hire as before but this time, mas intense na ang conversation. So simply checked them out and kept my wayfarers on. Naks! Artista!


Guy: Gawd. Ayoko talagang makatabi yung new hire na yon, nagpalipat talaga ako ng seat. (this was being said in a manner with full conviction and intonation – love it!).

Girl: (laughs), baka daw kasi maging super friends kayo kaya itatabi sa yo.

Guy: Yuck! I don’t want to be associated with her – in any way.

Ooopppsss my floor. Damn! (may ganon talaga – umaarte na rin ako). I told this story to another colleague of mine, to my surprise, magkakilala pala sila. Hahaha. And he was just three freakin’ months old lang din pala sa bank. Grrrrr… YABANG di ba? Sabi ng mole ko, the guy was “mabait” daw back in college. That she herself was surprised at how the guy’s been acting now. Conclusion ko: the guy is simply pa-belong. Hahaha. Sumasabay sa agos ng nasamahan peers.

Being in a new environment, with a new set of friends can be very liberating. Everything is a learning experience for you and the people around you. Parang lahat ng similarities na malaman mo, nakakatuwa. Even if its just about your likess of the same color. Hahaha. But then again, there are some who’d pass themselves as somebody their not – all for the sake of image. Para sabihing “thothyal” sila. And man, they will try their best to keep up with that. Believe me. Kahit sa mali-maling grammar nila, sa palpak na subject-verb agreement ng mga sentences na sinasabi. And everything else. Tseeeeee!!!!!! With all these, napatunayan ko lang na alhough money can buy you fancy things, the latest gadgets, madaming madaming yosi, nice outfits, Venti Mocha Frappucino (na ayaw mong ubusin until makita ng mga tao), it still cannot buy you class. Nakakaawa naman sila. Sana marealize nila na at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if the people they hang out with likes them for real – what matters is pagtingin mo sa salamin, you like the person you see. Hay life. That’s all folks. Nag-iinit na naman ang ulo ko. Hahahaha.

Ano ang natutunan ko pa? Ang Citi pala ay pronounced as Ziti. And Ang “new hire” stage ay natatapos sa third month. Hahahahaha…

Zige, ba-bye!!!!


Thanks for allowing me to judge them. Now, I’ll go back to my normal not-so-very-judgemental self. Hmmm, ok, sige na nga a bit judgemental na lang. Hahahaha.