Monday, January 14, 2008

Cookie Ko!

I cracked one of those fortune cookies last week. The cookie itself was tasted bad, uhm, well, a bit funny. But the fortune I got was reaaaaaalllllyyyyy good.

It reads:

Be more optimistic. You'll be surprised how good things will turn out for you in the coming weeks.

Normally, I will simply dismiss this just that - a piece of paper with something written on it. But when my week started really good – I couldn’t help but wonder, is this just a mere coincidence? Or is there really a certain degree of truth in those freakin’ fortune cookies? Hahahahaha..

Funny thing is I actually kept the paper and according to that, I have six allegedly lucky numbers – 09 20 27 34 36 38 – which at first I thought was a cell number. Hahahahaha.

Tataya ako sa lotto ha. Try lang natin.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Thing of the Past

A friend of mine recently celebrated her first year anniversary of being single, so I willingly greeted her a cheerful “happy anniversary”. Only to find out that it is not really a “happy” moment at that time. Yes, I was mean, kasi at that time, she was actually feeling nostalgic about what happened pala. Bad cheetah ako. I know. But hey, I redeemed myself by listening to her story and sharing what my almost virgin heart can offer. =P

After we talked, it got me thinking. Ang weird tlaga ng buhay. Don’t you just feel like that sometimes? Memories of your past. You try everything you can to forget them. You make yourself all too busy not to be able to think about them. You exert all the necessary effort to stay away from those lost pasts. You move on with your life thinking about the new opportunities. You move forward with your hopes up to a better next time. And yet, once you’re reminded, you get a little twitch, a little tug, right on that very specific spot. It’s like everything comes back to you, as if it just happened. You’re reminded of how you were, how things were and how you felt. I know it’s cheesy, pero lahat naman ata dumadaan sa ganito. Well at least, lahat ng mga nagmahal ng totoo. NAks!

First love never dies. I guess, tama sila. Minsan nga kahit hindi “first”. Hahaha. There are some loves that just won’t go away. No matter how hard we try. But then again, at what point do we admit that no matter how much we want it, no matter how hard we try – it’s just not meant to be. Hay buhay.

Friend, I know there’s no hint of happiness in any of this. There’s only pain. And the only good that comes out in any of this, is that when it finally stops. And only you can do that. I hope you’ll make the choice soon.


Talking to you made me realize how much I wanted to be with someone like you.

Someone who never stops loving. Someone who never lets go. Someone who’ll cherish me forever. But you're a girl and I am far from being a lesbian, so there! =P

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No I Didn’t Die…

I borrowed this expression from Mariel and I’ve been using this phrase each time I get surprised by something or someone. Who would ever thought that somebody will actually use it back on me – due to my inactivity in the cyber world. Hahahaha.

So here I am, trying my best to post something just to prove to YOU (you know who you are), that NO, I didn’t actually diiiiiiieeeeee….

So far, ’08 has been pretty great. It has been really good to me for the past eight days and I’m really grateful for that. Nararamdaman ko talaga, that this is going to be a better year for me. Feel na feel ko na e. Hahaha. So what can I talk about now? Geez, I don’t want to join the band wagon and bore you with my new year’s resolution list – matter of fact – I don’t have any. So now, let me just share to you what ’07 has brought me. The things I learned in ’07 which I plan to live with and instill within me, for the rest of my freakin’ life.

Think of this as some nostalgia of lessons learned and unlearned over the year that just just passed. Hehe. I know mejo madami siya, but hey, allow me to name some of them here..

First on my list.. I’ve learned that PLEASE is a very nice word to say. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you’ll end up talking to – it’s a really nice word to practice saying once in a while. Parang Thank You and Sorry! Magkaka-level yan.

Sa maniwala ka’t sa hindi, not all people who are “in a relationship” are happy. In the same way that not all “single” are sad. Madami sa mga gumagamit nito, nagpapanggap lang. Which has led me to conclude that there is a certain degree of honesty and conviction in the words “it’s complicated” we should give those who uses this a round of applause.

Sometimes, you need to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world in order for you to understand your own. Life is short. You need to experience everything that you can for you to grow, literally or figuratively. So never refuse an invitation but be reminded to never ever outstay your welcome either.

Rumor has it that some closets are not filled with just clothes. There are those who decide to hide their real persona in it (Blind itemsss). Remember, the measure of a man does not rely merely on bulky muscles – sometimes, or mas lalaki pa nga yung guy who has the courage to reveal his insecurities, instead of merely conforming to what society dictates as acceptable. Mag anti dandruff shampoo ka, para Free from Dandruff, Free to shine daw… =P

Success in relationships are very hard to achieve. Yan ang sabi nila, pero I think last year, I was ble to break this myth. And the key is pretty simple. For lovers, friends or kung anu man ang definition niyo ng relationship the key to its success is to always admit whenever you’re wrong. And to shut the hell up, whenever you’re right. Believe me, if you practice this, never kayong magkaka-problema. Hahahaha.

Experience taught me not to count my friends in times of adversity lang. Minsan, it’s really nice to check on them in times of triumph – just to see who among them are actually happy for you and who are faking it because of jealousy. Try this once in a while and you’ll be surprised with what you might find out.

I could go on for hourssssss believe. But I choose to stop – ayokong masyadong nag-e-English talaga. Sumasakit ang ulo ko talaga! Hahahaha. Kidding. I’m sure some of you have had the chance to experience them as well. Or baka may iba pa. So I guess, it’s your time to shine – share naman jan. Bagong taon, we’ll all get old-er again. Damn! And as we begin yet another year in our life – here’s to hoping that we’ll make the better choices this time. Because if there’s one great thing that ‘07 has taught me, it was the fact that as we grow older, the choices we make actually determines the person we’ll turn into. So it’s really nice to look at yourself once in a while just to check if you actually like the person you’re becoming. Happy New Year everyone! Hope you got what you wished for during the holidays – otherwise, pag-ipunan niyo na lang for this year! Xoxo…. =P