Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Evolution

This is the evolution of Carrie Underwood. Hahahaha.

I was just a relaxed Saturday afternoon and decided to do one of my favorite past times lately. Ang mag-Youtube. Hahahaha. I can probably spend a whole week just watching videos from this site. Well, that and of course

Then I chanced upon this video - buti na lang kinanta niya ng buo. She's been my favorite idol winner!!!!! And this song, I think nailed her to the top of the game back then, when she sang this one during the weekly eliminations.

Geez.. Watch.


And look at her now - singing the same song. Notice the hair change??? Good idea no? Hahahaha..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Random Fridays

We all love Fridays. Aren’t we? I think Friday is the cousin of Saturday and Sunday – part na siya ng weekend hence, araw ng lakwatsa. Hehehe. But this particular Friday is different. Siguro kasi wala akong lakad. It started slow, as in wala talagang kahit anong plans. Not even going to the gym. Nada! I’d be lying if I tell you na ok lang, kasi homebody ako. Hahahaha. Pero hindi rin nman ako parang addict na naginginig at the very thought na wala akong lakad. Pero all the same, I was a little bothered. Mamamatay na ata ako???? Umamin. Hahaha.

This got me thinking. Ang weird talaga ng tao. We always complain about not having enough time. About not being able to do what we want, dahil wala nang oras or kulang sa oras. But then, when we get the free time – naghahanap naman tayo ng gagawin. Hindi pwedeng wala tayong ginagawa. Aminin niyo yan. Mabaog na magsinungaling. Hahahaha. Is that human nature? Or we just don’t appreciate the extra time? Think! Think!

While thinking, let us be amazed by the brilliant voice of Carrie Underwood! This girl is sooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin pretty slash gorgeous. Ethereal talaga. Nakakainggit. Hahaha.


Turns out my Friday is not that boring nman. I watched a movie with some old friends and ended the night with a cupcake sa Sonja’s. Yey! I’m not dying, officially. Hahahahahaha.

Till then. See yah.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Fear You Might Fall

Sabi nila, lahat ng tao takot daw magmahal. And that sometimes, it takes two people who are both afraid to do one brave thing – to fall in love. Parang text message lang. Cheesy!!! Alert! Alert!

Normally, isa itong ho-hum moment sa akin. Whenever I hear people talk and say these things. Kasi hindi na siya bago. Paulit ulit ko na siyang naririnig – at sa in all instances, iisa lang ang ang lagging nagiging reaction ko. Sasagot ako ng isang matalinhagang “why not!”. But recently, I realized that perhaps they are wrong (or maybe I am wrong! Nyeks!).

When you’ve gone through the hardships of falling in and out of love, it’s quite inevitable really for one to be fearless. Unless hindi siya tao. Love will show up in different points of your life, and as you grow older, natututo kang magmahal ng tama, ng totoo and sometimes, that love is not always being recognized more so, reciprocated. In which case you end up getting hurt. Being hurt. And when you’ve gone through that, mahirap talagang magmahal ulit, magtiwala, sumugal. The works. Hence, the fear of falling - again. Dyaaaaraaaannnnn!!!!

Recently, I’ve met someone who has gone through this. Sabi niya, nakakatakot nga daw magmahal. Kasi somebody ends up getting hurt. To which I agreed. Kasi sa totoo lang, masaya na ako sa buhay ko – ayokong sirain ulit ng pag ibig kung ano man ang meron ako ngayon. Naalala ko ang magic words ng mga kaibigan ko about falling in love. It takes two afraid people to do one brave thing yadayadayada. So I waited. Pero wala naming nangyari. Hahahaha. Until I got tired, of waiting, of being afraid. Nagtakutan lang kami – parang holloween lang. Trick or treat??? Hahaha.

It was only then that I realized that perhaps there’s more to it than just that. Soon, things change, I changed. We did, eventually. True, the histories of our pasts will continue to haunt us, if we allow them to. While I agree that lahat ng tao, takot magmahal, now I don’t agree that it takes two afraid people to make a relationship. Kasi fear, will hinder us from going anywhere. And it is not going to stop – unless one of you becomes hopeful. Yes, hopeful.

Love and fear are two of the basic emotions we feel. Pero sabi nila, love is rational and fear is irrational. Fear is just an illusion (read: False Evidence Appearing Real). Therefore, we can easily remove this “fear” from our system, by changing our perspectives. Easier said than done nga naman. But possible. All it takes is a little hope, thinking that things will be better, this time around. Di ba? After all, it is such a great feeling when your fears are not realized. Hahaha.

KP4 – share ko lang.

“Learn to trust the perfect time so that you may discover that all the pain found in waiting has a magnificent and awesome purpose. In God’s time, you will fall in love for the right reason with the right person. And when that time comes, love will be worth the wait, the tears and the pain. Then you’ll forget you ever waited”

Friday, April 04, 2008

Song of The Moment

First, let me thank Roger for reminding me of how fab this song is via his blog post!!!!This has been one of my all time favorite. Haha. I first fell in love with this song when Regine sang it and out-staged (unintentionally - magaling lang tlga siya!) Martin in their World Tour concert a few years back. Hahahaha.. Watch and listen - around 1:50 onwards....

And then there's the movie version of Sweeny Todd, starring the fabulous Johnny Depp. And then this scene, the kid, the song, arrrrggggghhhhhh.. I love - love - love it! =)