Sunday, June 22, 2008

From My Inbox

Code Name: Will Power

This was definitely The “Awwww” of the day.

I received an email from a colleague with the photo of this cute dog.

At first I thought he was just playing a trick or something.

Later on I realized na he has two legs lang talaga.

Ang galing – this dog has inspired me not to be taken aback by some petty things in life that just won’t seem to work. Sabi nga, don’t sweat small stuff. Never give up.

Now who would ever thought that a dog would trigger such idea. Keep on walking dog! May you continue to inspire more people who do nothing but complain about their problems and miseries. Who simply whines about life for being such a nasty bitch. Who are almost on the brink of giving up - because times are hard and thought they are not tough enough to handle it. May they see you (or at least your photo) and be enlightened. Hehehe.

Stay Happy everyone!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Most Beautiful

I got a copy of this video sa email some months ago. Buti na lang meron na sa youtube. And the magic is still there – this one still makes me laugh err smile. Watch and be amazed!!!!

*****Thanks sa blog ni Richie!

Eto na daw ang bagong definition ng "beauty".. Hala!

Muling Buhayin ang Bangkay...

And I am not referring to me – for not posting something for quite long. Hahahaha.

Last week, I was in for a shock when my ex got in touch with me through YM. Geeezzz. Whoever thought that with today’s techonology, one can easily escape is soooooooooooooo wrong. Ok, I can nominate me now –> I nominate myself for 2 points. OA kasi ako magreact!!!!!

Well, its been seven long years since I last talked to the guy. And I thought he was dead. Hahaha (Of course I’m kidding). So to hear from him, after seven freakin’ years is quite a surprise. Really. Napamura pa nga ako eh. Hahahaha.

The thing is we didn’t part ways all too well then. I don’t remember how exactly it went – but I remember hating his guts that the mere mention of his name makes me want to give it the finger and unleash my cuss. Ganun ko siya ka-hate dati. But that was before. Until I made a couple of growing up here and there. The thing about hate is that it makes you feel good hating the person while he’s still around. While you can still ditch him. But when he leaves – moves on with his life – it sucks you right out of your shell and leaves you feeling alone, depressed, unhappy and unpretty. You are left with nothing – but hate and it becomes too much to bear. Nakaka-breakouts din pala siya once ina while bukod sa wringkles na idudulot nito. Kaya tama sila, bitterness is really next to ugliness.

Now, seven years later, it was actually nice to get to talk to him again. Apart from his freaky stories of how he sees me every now and then without me knowing – everything seemed well. Nakakatawa lang malaman how he still remembers some of the details of how we were back then. Siguro nga, he did love me then. And during that time, I may have wanted to love him back. I just can’t. Maybe I was too young to know. Or maybe he was preventing me from doing so. Ewan ko. All I know is now, things are different. We are different. And I hope, that we will never forget the lessons that we got from what happened to us. I am hoping we’d realize our faults for us not to do them all over again – not for our sake, so that we can get back together. But for our present relationships.


If you'll get to read this - please say "Hi" pag nakita mo ko ulit. Para hindi ka na magpagkamalang stalker. I promise hindi na kita de-deadmahin. Hahaha.

I wish you well. And this time, I actually mean it. Hahahahaha.

Monday, June 02, 2008

This was from a friend... thought of posting it here kasi I find it nice and I think madami daming makaka-relate sa kanya... Anyways, without further ek., here goes... Enjoy...


To Become Hollow

(author unknown - kung kilala niyo let me know, para I can give due credit naman for this nice piece).

How do you master blocking off a memory

When you smell a familiar scent?

I wonder, what makes feelings fall off like dried leaves?

How do you rip it off—

as if no single heartbeat has been left?

Did you hide it so deep and got lost finding it?

How could your tears fall

and not feel any pain?

When do you stop hoping?

That the next one is the last;

What's the sign that you finally realize

That forever doesn’t last?

Which one is worth the time—

Worth the touch,

worth the kiss,

worth days and the night.

Did you lose it?

How did you finally get tired of it—

When did you give up from wanting more?

(How about quitting from giving more?)

How do I stop the voice?

...from wanting it to be you?