Saturday, November 29, 2008

From Confirmed to Confeerrrmmeeedddd

I've always been interested in all things beautiful - kaya mahilig ako manalamin. Haha. Kidding.

Kaya naman, I got interested into doing Photography. Well, its been one thing that I kept on postponing for certain reasons but this time, it's real, tuloy na tuloy na to.

A friend recently sent me an ad about a workshop and I got all excited I sent my application that same day.

Kaso I got all tied up with work and something else, I totally forgot to follow up. Then when I opened my email, I did get confirmed but reading through the mail, I was 2 effing days late from the deadline of payment. Which means they actually cancelled me on their list. Kaasar di ba? Buti na lang, they were nice enough to still accomodate me and then I went from Confirmed to Confeeerrmedd...

Workshop is this Friday and Saturday already. Exciting.....


There was this joke about this kasi. Ano daw difference ng Confirmed sa Confeermmed (spelled as pronounced).

Somebody said, ang Confirmed daw is yung hindi pa masyadong sure.
Ang Confeerrmed naman, ay yung sure na sure na.