Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Like and I Recommend...


When I heard read through Diaz that there’s a new Chinese restaurant at the Fort area, I immediately wanted to go there. As in, parang SNN – NOW NA.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s ZONG at the Fort strip, but aside from their Singaporean style fish fillet, parang wala nang masarap. Hahaha. Anyhoo… Here’s the thing, about two blocks from Bonifacio High Street comes EAT WELL.

Sorry.. From the inside kinunan to.. Hindi tlaga sya inverted.

EAT WELL is a new chinese restaurant in the area with some very quirkie staff. Haha. And true to its name, once you’re there you’ll really eat well, literal. They offer traditional chinese cuisines cooked to perfection and some with a different twist. In tagalog, MASARAP. Hahahaha. Lahat ata ng inorder namin nalimas ng hindi namin namamalayan.

But the greatest discovery of the night will be… hands down…. The Masachi Balls.

These cute lil sticky balls are served hot and it comes with some chocolate filling inside. Don’t call them ‘buchi’. Malayong malayo sa buchi to. Its suuuupppppeeeerrrrrr nice that we had to get another order to eat in and another for take out. Panalo tlaga.

I like and recommend EAT WELL. Good food. Value for money. And it also helps that they have some very attentive staff. I'm glad we decided to celebrate here as the experience was just great. Sana ma-maintain nila ang quality ng food and service when the demand increases. =)


I am a GG-holic.

I’ve been a fan of the show and all of its superficiality ever since it started. Hahaha.

In the last episode of Gossip Girl (Season 2, ep17). There’s this one girl that really caught my attention.

Find out who she is…..

New detective at Constance???

She even came with an LV bag on hand….

Yes, kung nahulaan niyo.. That’s the ever loyal slash ka-connive, "soulja" house help of Blair Waldorf. Hahaha. No other than the very stylish DOROTA. LUME-LEVEL. Ang fierce talaga ng look niya. I can’t get over it. She could be the most stylish house help ever seen on TV!!!!!

I am soooooooooo loving her shades sa scene na yan sa latest episode..

I think it’s Feee-aaaahhhsssssssss!!!!


Soldier (Soulja Boy Crank Mix) - Beyonce

Where Do You Belong??

I love taking quizzes (if I have the luxury of time). Especialy the ones that tell you something about yourself, your future and almost anything under the sun.

A friend of mine sent me this quiz on Facebook. And happily, I’ve got some time to kill so I willingly answered the questions.

Ang tanong: Where Should You Live?

And look what the computer told me after answering the questions…..


You belong in Italy. You love sunny destinations, but a nice beach isn't the only thing you need. In Italy you can find culture everywhere and the food is delicious. You have the big vibrant cities, but also lovely little towns where the people are warm and hospitable. This country has everything you need, great weather, passionate people, beautiful surroundings and big vibrant cities filled with culture.

Can I just tell you, that ITALY is my ultimate favorite place to visit (Venice to be exact)!!!!! Well, of course, nanjan ang Russia – where people are fierce. Brazil – where people are like gods. And Spain – uhm, I wanted to try their Spanish Sardines. Pero still, Italy is on top of my list. Sobrang na-amaze ako to the point that I took out all my coins sa wallet ko and dropped them all sa alkansya. Para masimulan ko na ang pag-save sa trip na to!!!
Well, I do hope na mapuntahan ko tlaga to, sometime in the future!!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!


Venetian Gondola Song - Felix Mendelssohn

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Like and I Recommend....

Last year, one foreigner decided to spend his Saturdays scooping ice cream at the Salcedo Weekend Market. Soon, he had quite a number of followers and “suki”. That was when I first heard of the word “Froyo”, my first encounter with Frozen Yogurt (yoghurt, yoghourt - however you spell it).

Who would ever thought that it will become this big in Manila. I mean, all of a sudden, new stores selling frozen yogurt are sprouting everywhere. Literally.

Anyhoo… Here’s the thing….

I’ve tried quite a number of brands so far – California Berries, White Hat (the more aggressive store with a number of branches), White Berry, Magnolia? Hahaha. And among these stores/brands that I’ve tried, my vote for the best frozen yogurt in town, would have to be with Red Mango.

Red Mango is actually a Korean brand. And from what I’ve heard, it was brought here as a franchise by the children of Jollibee (not the bee himself, but the owners of the Bee). It is, by far, the best tasting and it has that nice consistency among all the frozen yogurts I’ve tried. It has that right amount of sweetness to it that makes it even more delish! Not to mention, it is also healthy DAW. Hahahaha.

Unfortunately, there’s only one branch so far… sa Trinoma. =)

If and when you’re in the area – go get one!!!! It is located in front of Fitness First Platinum.

Para sa mga nag-d-diet. Nagpapanggap mag Diet. At totoong nagda-diet – for Summer. Low Calorie daw to.. Hahahahaha..

Lets Get Physical - Sara Love