Friday, November 27, 2009

Just Like a Tattoo

On the fifth anniversary of my 25th birthday, I decided to get a tattoo.... I've always wanted one but somehow I don't have that enough courage to get a permanent one kasi sabi nila, masakit daw. And my pain threshold is not at all strong, physically. Hehehe.

So, what could be the next best thing? Get a henna tattoo.

Unfortunately, a week after I got one I started to feel the itch. The itch that I was too scared to even think of. Because, by then it would mean that allergies come next. But then again, I was right. So right that I now have a swollen leg and a lot of rashes all over my body.

Three doctors, some shots and three different prescriptions later, I am beginning to feel a lil concerned about how my body is reacting to all these medications. Somehow, the swelling subsided, but the rashes just won't go away. I am trying my best not to worry -- and keep up a brave front. Because, I myself didn't want the people around me to be bothered. Much so, to worry. But deep inside, I am scared. I have never been this sick, for quite a long time. I have never had so many pills to take in a day. And to think, it was all because of a henna tattoo that I got myself as a birthday present.

Haaaay... I just wish things will be better soon.. And dear God, if there's one wish, please don't let me die full of rash... People may not recognize me na!

xoxo and very hopeful.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

I wanted to write something insightful... Pero wala akong masyadong organized thoughts as of the moment......

For now, allow me to greet myself a happy birthday.... Yes, it's my birthday.... And I am back... Blogging.... To Blogger...

All I wish this year is real happiness... In any form, in any manner, kung pano siya ibibigay ng pagkakataon... Gusto ko lang maging masaya... Yun lang... =)