Friday, December 31, 2010

Mug Shot

Can you keep a secret?

Uhm, last Monday (yes, I did came in the office for some paper work), I did a very bad thing.  I accidentally dropped somebody else's mug at the office while I was trying to get mine inside our dish cabinet.  Sorry phouwzz.  And to make things worse, somebody saw it happened.  No, not somebody.  A lot.  And one of them is like, a friend of the owner, who somehow promised to keep quiet.  Talk about connivance.  Hahaha.

Rattled and ashamed, I spent my Monday night looking for a replacement.  I was trying to look for a similar mug sana for a smooth transition.  But to no avail.  Mahirap pala siyang mahanap.  And just when I was about to give up, another colleague of mine told me that she has the exact same mug and that she's very willing to give it to me.  Yay! Saviooooooorrrr!!!

So last night, my peace of mind came in a box.  Look.

Kaya pala hindi ko siya mahahanap sa stores.  It was a free item sa mga Milo! Lolz.  So there I was, on the last day of work for 2010, trying to sneak this precious mug inside the office pantry unnoticed.  Jejeje.  See how it blends well with the other mugs???  Hahaha.  I just hope he did not put any special marks on his previous mug para hindi masyadong halata.

What a way to end 2010 no?  Sweet redemption. Haha.  Now I can definitely say that we can all move on from 2010 already - or at least I can. Hahaha.  So to celebrate, me and my homies (ew!) went straight to MPenn for a much needed reflection of the year that is about to end.  Yak, OA.  Ang totoo niyan, e gusto lang talaga naming mag ice cream in this very cold weather!!

                                                 Penn Pals

                       Say NO to excess baggage of 2010 to 2011.
                                Happy New Fuckin Year Bitches!!!

Redemption is still better than cure,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Konichiwa Omakase

In my quest to really try everything out and find the best place/spot along that stretch - of the much talked about Ayala Triangle Gardens, I was led to try out Omakase earlier today- the only restaurant in the row that serves Japanese cuisine.

While our lunch started a bit off courtesy of the very uncourteous staff named Lovely - who by the way, isn't really as lovely as the her name suggested - more of bitchy**, the waiters inside made up for it.  Not only were they cute, err, I mean attentive, they were also very much informed of the food they serve (if you ask for opinions) and were very gracious to each and every request you make, which I think is not that easy.  You see, we were dining in a big group - 19 people to be exact, so imagine the chaos! Lolz. 

Special mention to our waiter Son, who has a very very good memory.  He was able to recall all our individual orders and instructed the other waiter which plate goes to whom. I find that really cool!! At least he was paying attention. Haha.

I am not really a big fan of Japanese cuisine but surprisingly, my Omakase experience was quite good.  I loved the really posh interiors that they have - especially the really comfy & colorful chairs - mejo shushal (sorry walang pics).  And the food were really as good as the interiors. Lolz.  The raw fish were really fresh and malambot as I was told while some were served in a rather huge portion. ilike!!!

Here are some of what we had earlier...  Well, at least the ones na naabutan kong buo pa before taking a snap...

rock and roll maki

chirashi - super fresh raw fish!! Yummy daw.
I don't eat raw. jeje. 

                                                                  fried something lolz.

                                                                               One of their Bento boxes

Katsudon ata..

                                                    Salmon Stuf Rice? - Delish!!!!

I was sooooooooooooo tempted to call it an upgraded version of TBoy, but then later on realized that this resto can really give GB3's John & Yoko a very stiff competition as far as serving cosmopolitan-japanese food or whatever you call it. I will not be surprised if J&Y fans will move to be Omakase converts soon. Prices are very competitive - not your normal Japanese makabutas-bulsa-tapos-konti-lang-naman. The foods were served fast, prepared well and with matching presentation pa!! Plus Omakase's location and the very cool staff inside made it a pleasure to dine in. I would've given this restaurant 5 glittery stars, if not for that incident with Lovely. Hahaha. So yeah, go and visit the place. This can be a very good place for those who are planning a first date or something special. There are spots in the resto that can give you a lil of that space and privacy!! Just remember to stay away from that bitch (Lovely). Hahaha.

Sometimes... I do kiss and tell,

** That Lovely Story

We arrived at Omakase a few minutes after our other colleagues got in. When we were led to our long table, another colleague buzzed me and said they'll join us for lunch. So naturally, I asked dear Lovely(nicely ha) for additional seats. To which she replied - "Ilan ba talaga kayo? Sabi kasi 15 lang eh (nagtaas pa ng kilay)". Which led me to reply - "Yeah, we are 15 now, but four more are coming. Bakit bawal bang mag dagdag ng tao?"

Tapos hindi na siya nakasagot at hindi na rin namin siya pinasagot. We called the Manager (the guy wearing red polo) instead. Ugh!!! To think, hindi naman sila puno before we got in!!!! Call it PMS, nalilito, busy, ngarag or whatever - but that definitely is not good customer service!!! So ATTENTION Omakase - the girl needs good customer service training. Or ilagay niyo na lang siya sa CR to clean.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Define Obedient

Today, I finally had the chance courage drive and energy to actually go to the gym and workout!  It's been almost three weeks since I last step foot on the treadmill - mas masarap kasing kumain lately kesa mag workout.  Plus, mejo ine-embrace ko ang aking 'winter body' for now, because that is what is uso nowadays.

A few minutes of running and then a couple of minutes sa stepper made me warmed and all pumped up for the next class. Yoga. 

While I tried my best to keep my balance, mahirap pa rin pala pag galing ka sa matagal tagal na bakasyon. Haha.  But still, I managed to finish the class - kahit mejo struggling ako sa poses.  I was just as happy nung mejo cool down na.  My favorite pose, savasana (corpse pose).

While we were in that pose, the teacher, who happens to be my favorite (kasi magaling talaga siya), turned the lights off (like usual) and started telling a story of how we all have evolved over the past months.  It was our last yoga practice for the year na pala.  Sabi niya, remember your journey blah blah.  What you were able to achieve, the things you had to go through, yadda yadda.  I was soooooo relaxed siguro, centered and naturally obedient so talagang napa-reflect naman ako bigla bigla ng mga bagay bagay sa buhay buhay.

While I was trying to run some memories in my mind, madami dami din akong naisip.  Madami dami din akong na-realize.  Na-reflect.  Naalala.

Naalala ko yung katabi kong mataba before - na pumayat for a while at tumaba ulit.  Yung lalaking flirt na mahilig magpa-cute at sumiksik sa napakaliit na space kahit maluwag naman sa harap.  Yung bombay na may attitude at umaalis pag nahihirapan.  Yung teacher na mabilis magbigay ng instructions na parang natatae lagi at nagmamadali.  Yung isa pang teacher na napakahilig manghawak - minsan parang inappropriate na.  Yung groupies na naka-mascara pag nag-y-yoga.  Yung baklang naka-maong shorts at floral polo lagi.  Yung mga mahilig magbuhad ng top - kasi ripped sila (inggitero ako!). Yung matabang lalaki na mahilig magpasiklab before the class pero natutumba tumba naman during the class proper.  Saka ikaw - my long lost yoga-mate.  Oo, naisip kita.  At kung pano ka nagiging competitive sa mga katabi natin. Hahaha.

Marami pa sana akong gustong i-reflect, until napansin kong parang maliwanag na.  Nakahiga pa ako while everyone is already on the seated position doing the last breathing exercise. Potashet.  Nakakahiya.  Baka akala nila nakatulog na ako. Hahaha.  Napatayo tuloy ako bigla and yes, nawala na ako sa 'center'.  At parang nanumbalik lang ako sa chaotic at maingay na buhay! Lolz.

                                    Next year na lang ulit!

Thou shall not overdo it,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Random Things (Christmas Edition)

For some strange reason, I woke up early today, around 9:00am Christmas morning (believe me, sobrang aga na niyan for me).  Feeling ko bata ako ulit at excited akong magbukas ng geeeppsss - or whatever is left of it na hindi ko pa nabubuksan, mostly yung bagong dating (buti na lang meron).


I had my first visitor at 9:32am.  Yes, exact time yan.  Because when I woke up, gumulong gulong pa ako sa bed hoping to get back to sleep, but I was not that lucky.  I just checked my phone time and decided to go down.  Sakto  naman na somebody was knocking sa gate kaya ako na nagbukas.  Surprise - it was one of my inaanak with his entire family.  Ang mga early birds talaga, catches the worm. lolz.


I've met one of my God-children for the first time today.  Pero apat na taon na rin silang pumupunta ng bahay every Christmas (early bird kasi sila - since tanghali ako gumigising talaga, never kaming nagpang-abot until today).  Kanina, magkakasama silang pumunta na mag-anak sa bahay.  Mother, Father, Brother and younger sister and my inaanak.  Pagkatapos kong iabot yung regalo ng inaanak ko at bigyan ng mga malalaking chocolates yung dalawa pa niyang anak, I was ready to make some small talk man lang, since first time namin magkita kita tlaga.  But to my surprise, the moment na naiabot ko yung last gift sa last kid, bigla silang nagtayuan lahat at nagmamadaling umalis. Nasabi ko na lang, "ay busy kayo?! Sige ingat".

Hindi man lang nag thank you??? Beeeeetttttccchhhh!!!! Lolz.


May kapitbahay kami na inaanak ko rin yung anak niya.  Every year, their family sends us stuff.  Minsan food, shirts, etc.  I waited for them all day - hindi ako umalis talaga ng bahay.  I wanted to see my inaanak kasi sana, since maaga na rin lang naman akong gumising.  Pero hindi dumating.  Come night time, dumating yung helper nila, dala dala yung sandamakmak na shirts ulit.  Christmas gift daw nila sa amin.  Ang sweet nila no? Sila pa tlaga yung nagpapadala ng regalo.  Mga  Swedish nationals siguro sila at ipinanganak sa SWITzerland.  Ipinadala ko na lang din yung regalo ko sa inaanak ko.  Nakakahiya lang isipin na mas marami pa kaming natanggap. Hehe.


Natutuwa ako sa mga pamangkin ko.  I was asleep when they got here a lil after lunch time.  So hindi ko naabutan talaga yung pagbubukas nila ng mga regalo nila.  Every year, inaabangan ko yun, because my  three year old niece makes this funny faces whenever she gets to open gifts! Kahit minsan, hindi naman sa kanya talaga at nakikinuod lang siya sa pagbukas. Lolz.  Kanina when I woke up, nagkakagulo na sila sa paglalaro ng mga bago nilang toys.  Lumipat sa akin si bulinggit para batiin ako ng hindi pa niya derechong maibigkas na "merry christmas".  I got one of those Trolli candies (yung lizard shaped) sa ref and handed her that - pagkakuha niya she shouted "huwaaaawww" na parang nanalo siya ng isang bagong Montero sa isang raffle na hindi niya naman sinalihan.  She then gave me a big hug and planted a wet kiss on my cheek!!!   Ang sweet!! Buti pa siya, simple candy lang napasaya ko na.  Yung iba, ibinigay mo na nga ang lahat lahat - hindi pa nakuhang magpasalamat. Haha. May kinimkim talaga akong sama ng loob?! Joke lang.

I loved the fact that all three of my nephew and nieces are all appreciative of anything - bumilib ako sa pagpapalaki ng sister ko and her husband sa kanila.  And I am not being biased jan ahh.


Recently, nalaman ko na yung name ng super crush ko. Hahaha.  Yun lang. Kidding.  Nagkaron ako ng ilang support group who asked me to add the guy up sa Facebook.  Afterall, we do have 'common friends'.  After three days of pangungulit anf follow ups, sumuko rin ako sa kanila.  Ano ba nga naman ang mawawala daw sa akin?  So I did just that.  One click sa friend request button and then I'm done. 

Today,  nagbukas na at nag update ng status si crush sa kanyang Facebook account.  Pero hindi pa rin niya ako ina-add! Boo!!!!!  Updates! Updates sa support group.  So now when they tell me na wala namang nawala sa akin - I tell them na meron, self esteem!!! Bitches!!! Hahahaha.  Wala naman akong binabalak na masama kay crush - I just wanted to have coffee or maybe tea kung diet siya.  See, wholesome!!!!


Tonight, I looked at crush's profile again for the last time before I cancel my 'friend request'.  Gusto kong sabihin na it is his loss with conviction - pero common, who am I kidding here? Haha.  Ni-hindi niya nga ako kilala. I am an optimist pero I am not an idiot.  Gagawin ko na lang siyang isang malaking 'thinspiration' and will push through with that baby-fats elimination program esp on my belly area! Kung kinaya niya, kaya ko rin!!!


Nakakaaliw din talaga ngayon, people spent more time sending messages through Facebook and Twitter!! Malamang, nalugi ang mga gahamang telecom companies today sa pagaakalang madami ang mag-t-text ng greetings!!!  Nakakapanibago lang sumagot sa mga wall posts ng mga tao, kasi pag birthday mo lang naman madalas nangyayari yung mga ganyang wall posts!! hahaha. RT@akavince. lolz


All in all, masaya ang Pasko for me.  It was nice seeing happy kids around - kahit na hindi ko naman sila masyadong kilala. Hahaha.  Sabi nila, Christmas is for the children daw, pero pwede pa rin naman para sa mga tulad kong young at heart.  I sincerely hope you guys had a blast this Christmas - I know I did.  Now, pack-up na muna!  I am down to my last gift na ipapadala ko na lang siguro sa kabilang zip code!  Until next Christmas!!!   =)

last gift on stock!

Be thankful for everything,

p.s.  Dun sa mga hihirit pa kung bakit wala silang regalo - don't worry, isasama ko na lang kayo sa prayers ko! =)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Season's Greetings

Perhaps this is the only day in the year when I actually feel the happiness emanate from people all over the place - which in turn makes me feel super extra happy.


I can very well feel the cool breeze and the warmth of each person's smile, all at the same time! Yay!!

                                     Merry Christmas everyone!!!
                            May you have a magical and meaningful one....

Good vibes peeps/tweeps,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It really feels nice to come in to work and see your table filled with gifts.  Promise!!!  Lalo na ngayong mejo malapit na ang Pasko!! It makes me feel like a lil kid again and I almost always have to fight the urge to open them!!  Yes, mababa ang EQ ko pagdating sa mga ganyang bagay. Lolz.

Today, I was trying to find out who that kid was.  The one in the cookie form.  Hehe.  After spending some time staring at the cookie (salivating - coz I can't eat it just yet), a colleague asked if I knew who he was.  I can still very well remember the face, but I just can't seem to remember the name (that's a classic me!). 

And  yes, oo nga, it was Dennis the Menace!!!!  Hongkyotkyot...

DYK that Dennis the Menace will soon be a senior citizen?  According to my good friend slash collague bakehappy, who happened to have personally made this delish cookie, next year 2011 will be the 60th anniv of the cartoon!!! Grabe no?  Can you bilibit?! Ang bilis talaga ng panahon.

                                     Whatever happend to Mccaulay Culkin (hehe).

Personalized gifts make me feel extra special,

Monday, December 20, 2010



        Naniniwala ba kayo sa love at first sight????

Ako dati hindi.  Pero parang unti-unting binabago ng panahon at pagkakataon ang paniniwala ko.

So help me God.  Please?!,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

That End of the Affair

Some happiness just won't go away that easily.  Which is good, really really good.  =)  I looked at my hand, and there it was, some sort of a reminder - of that happiness, of that discovery, the end of longing, and hopefully of greater things to come?! Yay! SANA!!! Sabog...

                                            naligo ako. kinuskos ko nang maigi yan. loz

The thing is, I have this crush. 

A looooonnnnngggggg time admiration for someone.  Someone I don't really know.  Someone I often see - on TV.  In a number of instances, we've somehow bumped into each other (madalas within abs, sa canteen).  But I was unmindful.  I know ikaw rin.  Until that night.  That one fateful night when I first laid my eyes on you.  That one night when we accidentally looked and saw each other.  I felt different.  Mejo kinilig. Sobrang nahiya. But happy.  Yes, I was very happy.  But being with someone then, I never really acted on it.  But boy, your image looking at me with a smirk, haunted me and continued to haunt my very existence up until now. Psychological cheating. Hihihi.

I've searched countless of sites to see you.  Get in touch or at least get your name.  For months, I was never really that successful and just gave up.  Until now.  I guess fate really has a sense of humor that when I am very much ready and walang sabit, it gave me the chance to know exactly what or who I was looking for all this time.  At that office party - we have that one link.  That one person who will be able to bridge the gap of us not knowing each other.  That one single degree of separation that will make me find you, finally!!!!  And I did... In fact, I am looking at your photos right at this very moment!!!!  Kinikilig ako.  I can hear my heart beating fast - literal.  I might actually die?!!!! Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight???

Now, the ball is once again on my side.  What should I do with this new information?  Should I send you a message and instantly ask you out?  Should I tell you about this story? Will you still remember? Did that even meant something??? Or will it freak you out and tag me as another stalker?? Will you like me? As much as I like you?  Will you even care?  Should I wait till we get to meet personally?  So many questions.  I wish these can be answered right now!!!  Damn!! Can someone send me an 'aggressive' potion???  I am drowning here of my own insecurities and cheesyness.

I want you to be my last dance,

Friday, December 17, 2010

Party Parking

I just got home from the office party where once again, I didn't win anything.   No IPAD or Ipod, no LCD TV, no nintendo Wii, wala. Walaaa...  Kahit P100 na GC sa Liana's Supermarket man lang papatulan ko na, pero wala talaga..  Haha.  Bitter na bitter. 

But that's beside the point.  The party was fun!! Open bar + Daming pogi. Hahaha.

On our way to the party, we found this car parked at the basement of SMX.

Well, looks like napag-tripan itong kotse na ito!  Haha.  I don't know the owner or if he's also from the bank but we took time to read some of the messages posted. Hahaha.  Chismoso ba? I am naturally curious lang tlaga.

There was nothing bad or alarming really.  Most of the messages were puro pa-cute type - ang gwapo mo, type ko rin yung kasama mo, mahilig ka ba sa fruits, yadayadayada.....

What a way to make you feel uhm, noticed?!  Sana lang the owner has at least some sense of humor in him to find this funny or cute even.  Otherwise, bad trip na bad trip to! hahahaha.

                The owner must've been really naughty this year siguro.

It made me smile a bit,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Not You; It's Me

Honestly, I don't feel comfy about being anyone's anything right at this very moment. 

Pwede bang enjoy enjoy muna?  =)

I don't feel any pressure right now (Ala Janina),

Ho.. Ho.. Ho...

Today, Christmas came in early for me! As the first present came in and landed on to my shaky palms.  I almost died of excitement!!! Yay!!!

                               travel time: more than 24 hours
                                     transfers:    three major cities
To say that I am very happy would be an understatement!!!  Up till now, I still can't believe it - mejo shocked pa rin ako.  Thank you sooooooooooooooo much to my good friend for this one!!!  This is one of the biggest surprise I got this year!!!!! And I soooooooo freakin' loveetttt!!!!

And yes, the entire day, I had this big smile on my face.  As I watch Santa skate his way from between both ends of my monitor!!!


Thank you for being sooooooooooooo sweet,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Grown Up Xmas Wish

Dear Santa,

In the midst of the chaotic Xmas shopping rush, I couldn't get myself to come up with my own Xmas list. 

Week after week, I've been sent files of "wish lists" where one is supposed to write something that they want to get.  To be honest, it's been a struggle.  I really can't think of any.  So I ended up asking for some 'lame' material gifts. 

Sorry phouwzz

But now, I gave it a good thought and I already know exactly what I want for Xmas.  Furrreaaalll....

                                  Santa, I want ABS!!! 

That six (some 8) pack, well toned and defined muscles on your abdominals.  The holy grail of physical fitness.  I want! I really really want!

Oh and I promise to put it to good use.  Not just merely for display.  In fact, I'm already planning to help my mom cook dinner on Xmas eve.  I'll use this new abs to grate cheese!!!! I'm sure you wouldn't want us to have spaghetti minus the grated cheese right??? =)

Plus, I've been very very good this year!!!!  Me thinks, I deserve it.  =)

I told you I am not materialistic,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Like and I Recommend

There's been soooooo much buzz about the newly opened establishments over at THE Ayala Triangle Park.  Perhaps this is the "IT" place of the season that boasts of, not only new restos (mostly new franchises) but also that of the amazing Symphony of Lights show, which is actually pretty cool.  Promise!!

Tonight, we were able to get really good seats (outside facing the park) over at the most lined resto on the row - BANAPPLE!!!! Yay!

And now, I know why people keep lining up to eat at this restaurant.  The food was really that awesome!!!!  We just wanted to try out their famous Banana pie/banoffee?, without really thinking on having dinner yet (as it was a bit early).  But then again, we walked a lot today.  Muji and Market Market was a bit of a challenge - nakakagutom!!! Lolz.

Hence, these orders......

                                     chicken breast parmigiana

                                                 hickory ribs

Having that early dinner was perhaps the most brillant decision we've come up for the day!! The food was excelltacular!!!!!  We loved everything - from the ribs, to the chicken breasts to the cakessss!!!! And then, by stroke of good luck, the Symphony of Lights started!!! Everything was just perfect!!!!  The view, the weather, the food, the dessert and the company of people I'm with!!!! Naks!!!

It was AMAZING... Magical...  Oh, and did I say their portions were HUGE!!!! Lolz.

Pardon the names as I was having my "senior" moment here - or let's just say that it was that good, it made me forget?!!! Lolz.

                                         strawberry cheesecake

                                         Banoffee pie??

                                       strawberry banna pie??

   Good food.  Great location.  Great Service.  Value for hard-earned moolah!!!
                             Starting today - Banapple is LOVE!!!!!

                                 Good thing I work just across the street!!! Lolz.

I will definitely be back,

p.s.  Before I forget - this I definitely won't - thanks Kwizzy for that gigantous margarita for lunch!!  When you guys told me we were having drinks, I didn't expect that it was going to be this huge!! It made me a lil tipsy - akala ko the colorful pens at Muji were dancing!!!! Lolz.

                             This pic doesn't do justice as to how big the margarita was!
                                        If you are dead curious, visit Friday's!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


This week is all about those controversial videos. 

These videos were all over Facebook and I am just in awe upon seeing them.  Hindi ko kinaya - on sooooo many different levels.

"Kabit" sa Mall

  I wonder what ever happened to that girl... Afraid!!

Maggie and Victor Prenup

This couple had it in the bag!!! Ang taas ng hotness factor!!!

                                  Kayo na ang humusga!!!

On a lighter note, I got myself a theme song!! Hahaha.  Nauna talaga yung theme song.  This song makes me oohh soooooo happy!!!

Can't wait to find that someone to sing this to! Naks! Makapag-practice na nga muna...

                  my happy song

I want to be as hawt as Maggie/Victor and I don't want to be a kabit - ever,

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Surprisingly, Memorable!!

The first time I saw the movie trailer of My Amnesia Girl, I thought it was one of those corny chick-flicks where the usual Star Cinema formula will be once again used.  Now, after seeing the film, lemme correct myself and admit that uhm, while the ever reliable formula was there - there is actually more to this film that just that.

"Sabi sa census may 11 milyon na tao sa Metro Manila. Paano mo malalaman na nahanap mo na yung taong para sa'yo? Maaring nakita mo na siya, pero yumuko ka para magsintas. Maaring nakatabi mo na siya, pero lumingon ka para tingnan ang traffic lights. Maaring nakasalubong mo na siya pero humarang yung pedicab.  May mga maswerteng tao na nahanap na yung taong para sa kanila. May mga tanong patuloy na naghahanap at may iba na sumuko na. Pero yung pinakamasaklap, eh yung na sayo na pinakawalan mo pa"

With an opening line like that, I already know, that I am in for a treat on this one.  Maraming cheesy pick-up lines and this movie was perhaps infused with gazillions (OA) of kilig moments - some of them were corny but for the most part, worked for me.

"Kung pwede lang mawala lahat ng kasalan sa pamamagitan ng yakap, habang buhay kitang yayakapin."

There are a lot of memorable moments.  A LOT!!!!  And yes, from the third person gazebo chat to the gazillions of post it sccene, inaamin ko, sa harap ng Madlang peopllllleeeeeeee, mejo naiyak ako. Like most people who are watching with me. Hehe. 

"Kung may uulitin ako sa buhay ko, gusto kong ulitin yung araw na nakilala kita. Kahit paulit-ulit. Kahit araw-araw."

But if there's one thing that I hated about this film, it would have to be the thought na parang ibinuking ako ng pelikulang ito!!! Lahat ng mga pinangarap kong mangyari sa buhay ko, parang nandun na! Lolz.  I mean, if you are still suffering from being a lousy hopeful romantic, lahat ng mga sweet things na pwedeng maisip at gawin parang ni-level up na dito!!!! Hahaha.

Needless to say, I loved this movie and how it made me cry. Hahaha.  Sana lang, may tao pa talagang katulad ni Apollo, na gagawin ang lahat para makabawi sa taong minamahal niya.  Or kagaya ni Irene, na nakuhang magpatawad, after all the things he put her through.  Sana... sana.... Haha..

And oh by the way, the biggest lesson of this film? 

                "Ang true love ay para sa matatapang na tao lamang". 

It is sooooo not very 50 First Dates, promise!,

Song of the Moment

I just can't get this song out of my head. Lolz.


I’m driving around town
Kinda bored with the windows rolled down

See a girl on the bus stop bench
Dressed to draw attention
Hoping everyone will stare
If she don’t stand out she thinks she’ll disappear
Wish I could hold her, tell her, show her
What she wants is already there

A star is a star
It doesn’t have to try to shine
Water will fall
A bird just knows how to fly

You don’t have to tell a flower how to bloom
Or light how to fill up a room
You already are what you are
And what you are is beautiful

Heard a story the other day
Took place at the local VA
A father talking to his dying son
This was his conversation
“It’s not supposed to be like this
you can’t go first I can’t handle it”
The boy said “Dad now don’t you cry,
Remember when I was a child what you used to tell me when I’d ask why?”

(You’d say) Gravity is gravity
It doesn’t try to pull you down
Stone is stone
It can’t help but hold its ground
The wind just blows, though you can’t see
It’s everywhere like I’ll always be
You already are what you are
And what you are is strong enough

Look in the mirror
Now that’s another story to tell
I give love to others
But I give myself hell

I’d have to tell myself
“In every scene there’s a perfect plan”
Everything I hoped to be
I already am

A flower is a flower
It doesn’t have to try to bloom
And light is light
Just knows how to fill a room

And dark is dark
So the stars have a place to shine
The tide goes out
So it can come back another time

Goodbye makes a love so sweet
And love is love so it can teach us
We already are what we are
And what we are is beautiful
And strong enough
And good enough
And bright enough

Thank you VS for using this on your last show,

Monday, December 06, 2010

Peachy or Pichi?

Weeeeeeee I love surprises.

So imagine my happiness upon reading in my email, that one of my colleagues slash cube neighbor, brought this in the office - very early in the morning.  Ganda ng araw ko promise!!! Lolz.

This is my all time favorite food, everytime we have a lil sumthin' sumthin' here at the office.  Ka-partner lagi ito ng palabok delivery!!! Lolz.  But you see, what made this special is that, she bought it from my favorite store 'Arny-Dadings' - not from the usual 'Amber'. 

Looking at the label, I couldn't help but wonder, ano ba talaga, Peachy-Peachy or Pichi Pichi???
Basta masarap siya esp pag madaming cheese,