Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dealing with your Non-Negotiables

Everybody has his ideal partner... Growing up, most of us tend to formulate those things that we look for in a life partner... May mga iba ibang standards. Some would want the basics - mabait, matalino, mayaman etc. Others can be very specific - dapat taller, older, more mature, more stable in life, etc. We like picturing this perfect partner - in the hopes of actually finding the right fit, the right one. But we all know that this does not always happen. While there are those who will find the right match, others would simply be more forgiving and would go for the next best thing. Sabi nga nila, there's always an exception to the rule, lalo na pagdating sa pag-ibig.

Recently, I was introduced to this new concept or idea. While we have our own set of standards - there are some items that we can actually loosen up a bit in that list. Pwedeng hindi naman 5'11. Pwedeng middle class lang at hindi ubod ng yaman, pwedeng hindi naman kaputian. Things like that. And there are those qualities that has to be there. Hindi pwedeng wala. Hindi pwedeng, meron konti. Kailangan nandun sa taong yon, complete and present. Those are what you can "non-negotiables".

Recently, I was faced with having to deal with one of my non-negotiables. It's not like I am asking for too much. But somehow, kahit na maliit na bagay, basta nasa non-negotiables mo, will disappoint you. Am I being too tough on this? Or gaya ng lagi kong sinasabi, na para saan pa at nagkaroon ka standards, kung palalampasin mo lang din pala lahat? How do you deal when acts of unkindness suddenly started coming out?????

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wish Ko Lang

I really really really wanna learn how to dance like these bitches.... I think they're like major as in Majuuuurrrrrr Feee-aaahhhssss.... Watch!!!!