Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Thoughts

It has been an amazing weekend.

Right now, so many things are going through my mind.  I wanted to tell the world how great it was.  How happy I am.  Ecstatic.  Grateful.  I want to use all the superlatives I can think of, to describe everything about the weekend that we just had, but still that wouldn't be enough. 

Since yesterday, I was trying to make a mental picture of everything that was going on - The beautiful sights.  The muy delicioso dinner.  That truffle oil.  Us walking under the rain.  Your former hood.  Your smile.  Your hand in mine during those quiet moments.  Wala kasi tayong dalang camera. Hahaha - So that I can somehow relieve it today, maybe even tomorrow and the day after that.  By doing so, it'll allow me to experience that same feeling of being extremely happy again, and again.  Parang hindi siya natatapos.

There's so much I wanted to say, but where do I begin? Kinikilig pa rin ako! hahaha. 

So siya na muna bahala...... sasayaw na lang ako sa background.

Song of the moment


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Princess & the Queen

I don't know about you, but this cracked me up!!!!

It brings back all those fond memories - back when I was still in the airline industry.  The job where I had the most fun and personal growth. Naks!

Feeling ko, dating taga MH or AF ang flight attendant na to! Lolz.

Be good. 
At all times.

Keep your feet on the ground,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Much Ado abt Vday

Valentines day is perhaps one of the better days in the year to do business. Haha.  Year after year, there's been sooooooooo much buzz and hype about this particular day, I am beginning to wonder if we are all just being duped by greedy businessmen who wants to milk us and get our hard earned moolah by spending too much for something too little.

My partner asked me before what I want to do for Vday and I don't remember telling him anything. Yikes.  To be honest, I've never been the type who participates in this particular occassion.  I've never dreaded this day when I was still single and I've never really seen at it as something special when I was with someone.  It's just a day before payday back then! Haha. 

This year, as I've read so many other posts, as Groupon bombards us with all the discounted Vday gifts - flowers and fine dinners, as people around me - started making their so-called 'plans' for the big day, I began to wonder whether I've been, unconsciously, downplaying it too much.  I've heard each stories and browsed through every posts, and realized that Valentines Day and celebrating it is not bad at all. Lolz.

Sure, the ideal setting is that everyday should be Valentines day.  But we all know better not to believe that crap.  Shit happens.  Moods change and sometimes they clash.  But somehow, this day makes us all aware, to be grateful for being with someone.  For loving and being loved back.  Somehow, it is kinda nice to have, even for just one day in a year, to somehow remind you to break away from the routine and do something cool - not necessarily fancy.

So this year, I decided to take my word back, join the bandwagon and celebrate.  Sure, ma-traffic, mahirap makakuha ng table sa resto, matagal ma-serve yung food, madaming tao, etc.  But I think, no amount of negativity will make me change my mind. Hahaha.  I feel that I am in the arms of a very good soul right now and  I don't think it'll be wrong if I choose to celebrate that. =)

May we all have a good time spending it with the people we love. And may there never be anyone who'll feel that he or she is unloved.  EVER.  And if by chance this special day, that you've been dreaming of, leads you to a lonely place, remember to find you strength in LOVE (RIP Whitney).

Happy Balentayms,

But dear businessmen, by celebrating, I'm not saying that I'll subscribe to your 'indulgences'.  There will be no fancy dinner - allergic ako sa small portion.  No over-priced, overrated, uninspired flower arrangements either. Hahaha. 

at talagang naisulat ko ito habang palabas ang One More Chance sa Cinema One!!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Brod Romance

Today, I secretly wished to have a friend who'll be there for me when I need them or maybe even when I don't.  Someone who'll be there for me when I've lost all hope.  Who'll never get tired of pushing me forward, when I've completely lost my will to even make a single step.  Someone who'll keep on reminding me that life is still beautiful, regardless of the many heartbreaks, setbacks and countless failures I may have gone through.

We all yearn to find that someone who'll genuinely care, value and love us, far more than we sometimes do for ourselves. Most of the time though, we only expect these things to come from a "romantic relationship".  Not knowing that sometimes, it can be the friend who never gets tired of asking you "kamusta?".  The one who never forgets every birthday or anniversary and was there in every important milestones in your life.

Today, I secretly wished to have a friend who'll be there for me when I need them.  And I promise to be the kind of friend who knows how to be grateful for everything and not take you for granted.

True Brod,

p.s. I feel so lucky and honored.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Of Love & Apples

One of my favorite post-workout activity would definitely have to be grocery shopping.  Weird no?  I don't know.  Whenever I get to workout alone, I always end up going to the grocery right after I get my quick fix - which right now is - chilled taho!  And today is no exception.

Earlier, I was roaming around the unfamiliar SM supermarket looking for Silk (soy milk) when I ended up in the fruits section.  I mindlessly picked up an apple from the rack when an old lady tapped me and said, "Hijo wag mo nang kunin yan, patapon na yan!".  "Ay yun nga po, itatapon ko nga po" I kid said, sabay hagis ng apple back on its rack and then we started laughing.

They were a septuagenarian (I think?) couple shopping for their supplies. And can I just say na ang daming kwento ni Lola.  I guess, old age does that to you no?  It makes you more social. Hahaha.  Nakakatuwa silang dalawa actually.  I remember Lola telling me "kilatisin mong mabuti, wag kang basta kukuha na lang kung anong nasa harap jan, minsan maganda lang sa tingin pero baka mamaya nabubulok na" referring to the apples and then her husband interrupted by saying "parang pag-aasawa lang yan, kasi pag naiuwi mo na, hindi mo na pwedeng ibalik para papalitan".  

And then by some stroke of genius, my phone beeped.  It was my partner reminding me to eat dinner and asking how am I doing. I quickly excused myself from the couple and walked away from the fruit rack, because at that moment, that instant, I just realized that I don't really need apples.  I don't want them.  Kasi allergic pala ako sa apples!! Hahaha.

I did not find what I was looking for (Silk) at the supermarket.  But somehow, I left the store feeling fulfilled.

Nakaka-inspire lang,

Hindi ko talaga kailangan ng apples. Naglalakad lang talaga ako sa kawalan kanina! hahaha.  Day Nightdreaming.  Happy Pebrariiiii!!!!