Monday, March 26, 2012

The After Glow

I just got back from paradise island.

Where people go Loco!!!

And parties were Epic!!!

There's something about this beach that makes everyone who go there instantly happy.  Somehow, it lifts your mood up and shoots your energy into another level without having to take any caffeine.

Fun. Fun. Fun.



Fate definitely has a way of maneuvering things to surprise you, big time.  It's funny how you set your sight into fulfilling one dream and actually get another one crossed out on your bucket list instead.

One night, I found myself walking along the beach with my arm-candy. A few beers in the bag, a cocktail on hand, a paper plate full of grilled stuff and a nice spot under the stars, then we're settled.  Conversations about pasts and future filled the night.  Plans were laid out.  Dreams discussed.  The stars lighted the sky like crazy!  We were talking about which one is Venus and Orion's belt when I realized that I am actually having a dream come true moment. My flabber is ghasted.

Bucket list #8  =)


The beach burned my skin but warmed my heart.  This is one of my more memorable trips to this island and I can't wait to go back. Now, I am excited to move forward, because I know for certain that the best is yet to come.

Ang lakas maka-bagets nitong kantang to tlaga!!!

Recharged Gutierrezz,

New Words to live by: masulak, patlang, sibasib, wasa

Friday, March 23, 2012

Worst Week

I am definitely having a bad terrible week.  Clearly, something has been bothering me for the past week which has made me feel a little gloomy. Something that I can't even tell anyone. 

Monday, like usual, was a struggle.  Tuesday, I am starting to feel restless.  Wednesday, I was hanging by a thread, with barely an hour of decent sleep.

And just when I thought the worst was over, I just found out now that this happened to me.......


Almost all of my valuables are safe.  Phone. Wallet.  Bracelet.  Good thing I was not wearing my watch today.  Otherwise, it would've been one of the casualties - since I usually put my valuables inside my bag whenever I commute.  THANK GOD!!!

He only got my little coin purse. 

But that's not the point.  The damage he did on my FAVORITE bag is beyond repair.  Goodness. 

Now, this somehow killed my excitement for my trip later.  Not only am I sad.  I am also tired.  And again restless.  And nanghihinayang. Argh.  This really sucks.  BIG TIME. I need a stronger drink!!!!!


I feel so defeated,

I don't want to wish him any harm nor bad karma to take over, I just want to get over this.  So that I can somehow, still enjoy my vacation.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's More Fun eh

I was intrigued by all the buzz surrounding the now 'infamous' video of someone who dislikes the Philippines - who recently apologized for doing it by the way.   It did not really made that much impact on me because, I myself have some things that I don't like about our country.  Makikialam pa ba ako sa mga reasons niya? Lolz.  So anyway, out of curiosity dahil nag-trending siya, I just had to see it. 

And what's my take on it? Hmm. Wala naman masyado. Hahaha. Sorry to disappoint.

I mean, the very basic rule of travel is to stay at a place you can afford.  That's what he just did.  Baka kulang lang sa budget si Mr. Fastidious and he actually got what he deserved.  Di ba?  You get what you paid for.  If he has a lot of moolah, he could've stayed somewhere nice-r, somewhere ethereal like Shangri-la Mactan Cebu? A place that I've been dying to go back to!!!! Or maybe Abaca or some other nice-r hotels/places.

Kaya deadma na siguro.  Let's try not to make a big deal out of it.  I hope the government will not put too much attention on that too.  I mean, common, the guy couldn't even afford to get himself a nice, authentic, aviator shades.  Knock off na nga yung suot niya, distorted pa.  Tsk. Give him a break.  Let us focus our energy and resources to other things of national concern.


In other news, Coke gives us some of the better commercials lately no?  This one cracked me up.  Hope it does the same to you.  Pantanggal negativity. Lolz.

Matalino. Athlectic at Sensitive. Buti na lang may nahanap pa akong tao!! #kesomuch jeje.

Relak lang,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Game On

So I heard, my favorite reality show will be having its Philippine version soon!!!!

 The Amazing Race PH!!!! Witweeewww...

While I contemplate on whether I should join or not, here's a new game show that has caught my attention.  Mejo ang morbid lang ng peg.  Bawal magkamali.  Sumakto lang na somehow I feel like walking on eggshells lately.  Kaya mejo naka-relate ako. Hahaha.

Ikaw, sasali ka ba?

I thought Ellen's Know or Go is morbid na!!!

Back coupes up and chuck the deuce up,


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lessons of the Week

I wish I can pour my heart out in this post and lay all my cards - frustrations and good tidings - but I will try to limit to what's only mine to share.  This is probably one of the more enlightening weeks I've had in my 22 years of existence.  I've experienced an immense growth and it's only Tuesday! Eeekkk.

Let me try to use bullets, I mean, bullet points.  Share ko lang yung iba...

  • Cha Time's Taro Milk tea sucks.  #itreallysucks 
  •  People will believe anything lalo na kung sasabihin mo nang pabulong. #chismosa
  •   Magnum ice cream is good.  But I think it is becoming a lil over-hyped. #honestly
  •   There's always a price to pay.  Especially, when you lose your locker key. #FFwalangtawad
  • It does hurt twice as much when you see someone dear to you, have his heart broken. #sucks 
  •  It feels even more terrible when you can't do anything about it. #supersucks
  • No matter how tired or feverish you feel, you will meet the people who traveled 29hours to see you and catch up.  Kahit lumaklak ka pa ng 3 Revicon Ion at 2 Sting na pula! #excusesareforlosers

And the biggest lesson of all is that, sometimes, just when you thought the world has turned its back on you.  Fate will bring you someone with far more complicated issues that'll make you respond to the very question you've been asking yourself.  "Lahat naman ng prayers pinakikinggan Niya e.  Minsan, hindi lang agad agad ibibigay.  Delayed lang siguro ng konti." Word.

It kills me to see you sad.  But then again, this.too.shall.pass. Hit it Glee Girl.....

Group hugggg!!!!

p.s. Mercury is in retrograde. So, Ingat!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Lugar Lang

It's not being mean or anything.  

But sometimes you just have to put people in their right places. 

There are just moments when you don't wait for fate nor karma to do it for you. 

Ikaw na mismo ang gagawa.  Ma-inspire tayo kay Nicole.....

 Nicole, you're a rockstar!!!!!

Waahhh pahiya!!!!,

Monday, March 05, 2012

Marching On

I was really really really happy last February.  And I'm not really sure if after all those months of preparation, I can honestly say that I am March-ready. 

One by one, the future is starting to reveal itself to me.  A couple of people dear to me are graduating.  A friend passed the bar exam.  My nephew just got accepted to his new school.  Balikbayan friends confirmed their flights.  And the list goes on. 

It used to scare me how the significant changes of this month will make an impact in my life.  Worrying about it took away a few good night's sleep, brought some nasty pimples, dry skin and massive hair loss.  

Recently, I've visited Manaoag and had a moment of clarity.  Now, it somehow calms me knowing that soon, everything will fall into their rightful places.  It makes me less scared.  Less worried.  All I need to do now is to get on with my usual life and let the future continue to reveal itself.  Que sera sera.


In other news..... Summer is here.

Think positive,