Saturday, April 28, 2012

Commercial Muna

I chanced upon this commercial slash mini movie while on the treadmill earlier and found it really charming! May konting kilig.  ick. Hahaha. I mean, it does help that the people in it are cute, without trying too hard! And that they used one of my favorite videoke songs!!!

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I know, the friends-to-lovers story's been told  many many times before, but for me it'll always be one of the best, among the many love stories I've  heard or read about.  Hindi ko siya pagsasawaan.

Watch it!!!!

Wag mo lang i-channel si Jolina at baka mapa dialogue ka ng "I made the stupid mistake of falling in love with my best (hingang malalim) friend"

Romance is not dead,

Oh and the last part reminded me of me. lolz

Friday, April 27, 2012

Da Tot

.... that counts.

Just when I thought the week will turn out bad, Fate makes a 360 degree turn and shakes things up a bit.   

This was the first email that I read today.  Ang lakas maka-good vibes!!!

Tapos sabay dating ng mga alay!!!!  Mochi fiesta!!!!

Dahil sa mga alay niyo, I became stronger than yesterday! #Britney.  

Happy happy weekend everyone!!!

Keep on shining,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random Rant

I've been a member of this gym, na itatago na lang natin sa pangalang Fitness First, because that is its name.  Where each branch has its own reputation.  But no matter where you go or which branch you visit, there seem to be a common thing going on in this club.  Which never fails to annoy me.  Big time.

Bakit laging may mapanghi na shower room????????

Que horror.

Today, I was so frustrated because it took me three cubicles before I finally got settled in. I wanted to shout - "mamatay na lahat ng umiihi sa shower room!!!!!".  But I just had to contain myself from doing so, kasi baka paglabas ko ng shower area, madaming katawang nakahandusay.  Na-realize ko, nakakatakot yon. Lolz.

How I wish we all use the facilities for its intended purpose.  Toilet for your pee.  Shower rooms for taking a bath. Yun lang naman.  Or kung hindi talaga mapigilan, baka pwedeng paki-banlawan naman ng maayos.  There's free soap there!!!! Ugh..

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I just had to let it out,

Thank God I wear slippers in the locker/shower area.  It really is like condom, for your feet.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go Jayyyy (yak, close?!)

After tonight's performance, I can now officially say na Fan na Fan na ako ni Ella Mae Saison Jessica Sanchez!!!!! Bonus na lang na may Pinoy blood siya!!!  Woot!!!!

I mean common, she practically made this song super famous in less than three minutes!!!!!

This performace didn't make me stutter a bit, because I think I had my mouth open! Hahaha.  I was in awe the entire time.

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I really hope she wins and becomes this year's Idol!!!! 
She's got style, poise and an ahhhmazing voice!!!

E ano kung muntik na siyang mahulog sa piano towards the end? Hahaha.     You go girl and have a great hair day... always!!!!


And by some twisted fate, she got eliminated and was saved by the judges.  Oh man!!!  She's one of the best singers this season.  I don't think she deserves to go home either, at least not yet.  So good call judges!!!

ang laki ng pwet ni JLO

Hanep sa galing,

p.s. Jazmine Sullivan should thank you for making this song famous!! Lolz.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spaces in Between

Lately, I realized just how (over) protective I can be with regard to the people I love.  Thank God I am not a parent to anyone as of yet - Gawd, I'd probably be a horrible dad as I will try so mighty hard to shield my offsprings from all the hardships, pain and suffering in this sometimes cruel world.  I'd be raising naive/sheltered adults who probably will not know any better. Ever. Ick. Awful.

Somehow, that awareness has led me to uhm lighten up.  It has made me  loosen up a bit.  No matter how hard I try to protect my beloved ones, there will always come a time when they have to face life's realities on their own.  Disappointments.  Heartaches.  These are all part of growing up.  I just cannot solve everyone's problem nor can I find a cure for cancer (or maybe I can no? With enough money and research. Lolz).  I am just one component of the whole healing process.  There are still others who can and will help them rebuild their lives to their own liking.  Family.  Friends and even frenemies.  It's just a matter of letting them go and grow.  Easier said than done, I know. 

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What doesn't kill you makes you sun dance!!!

The adjustment process kills me though.  Some days are good.  While others, well, I just have to live through.  Struggle.  Just like tonight. When I just couldn't help but think if okay ba siya? Nakakain na kaya? Toxic ba ngayon? Is he feeling any better? Things like that.  I tried my best to contain myself from checking up from time to time. And I am was partially successful. Haha.

It's already 2am in Manila, there's work in a few hours and I just couldn't get myself to sleep.  Maybe I need to try harder.  Maybe, I will soon get the hang of it.  Much like everything else.  But for now, I'll let a few glasses of red wine do the trick.

Ang hirap maging mature,

Friday, April 06, 2012


Dahil walang 7th Heaven marathon this year, I had enough time to actually sit and reflect on how things are going in my life now, as I joined most hardworking citizens for Manila staycation!!!!

March has been a mixture of emotional stress, series of misfortunes and physical pagod.  The rollercoaster of emotions I've experienced for that month has been tremendous, I thank God I was able to get by, alive.  Anyway, enough about that.  I'm kinda excited for April and the conclusion it brings.

"The ends you go through bring about the beginnings you've been waiting for".  This somehow sums up what I am feeling right now.  Finally, after years of simply going through the motions of living, now I can actually START living. And I am just excited to do that. I might need to create a new bucket list!!!! Weeeee...

All those years.  I can't bilibit! Now, allow me sit back and take a moment to enjoy this.  And oh, share ko na rin 'tong current LSS song ko which was sent to me by a friend na hindi ko masyadong ka-close. Lolz.