Monday, July 30, 2012

Ang Lambot, bow.

Love is giving up on your right to that extra pillow.

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Thank you.

It's so fluffeeyy,

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pangarap Kong Jackpot

It was one of those times when everything just seemed perfect.  You walk shoulder to shoulder, talking, giggling even, not minding everyone else in the very public area.  The weather is fine.  The moon lights the night cinematographically well.  Lush greens surround you and the cool breeze simply makes you feel that you  are not in Manila at all.  It was a whole new world you're seeing.  And for the first time, you are seeing the same person, in a postively different light.

And just like a scene straight out of a very romantic-much-talked-about-top-grossing-CathyGarciaMolina-directed movie,  he tells you that he wants to see the world with you.  You stand there in awe, beautiful eyes and all of course, as you try to control yourself from doing a tarsier jump.  Control your emotions, your excitement, your kilig, etcetera, as butterflies dragons fill your stomach.

And then he repeats it.  As if the first time didn't make that much impact already.  "I want to see the world with you.  Let's start with Hong Kong. Tara!!!"  John Lloyd asks.  Yes, THE John Lloyd Cruz is asking me to go to Hong Kong with him.  And just when I was about to say my sweetest, screeching YES, tumunog ang alarm!!!!  7:30am na, papasok na ako sa office!!! Shet di ba?!

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Hindi man lang ako nakasagot!!!  
Walang closure!!!!!!!

Hindi ko siya crush ha,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chapter 14

In this world where everything is somehow, someway shoved down your throat,
the freedom to be YOURSELF - and be accepted, 
is still one of the best things.

This feels like Titanium 2.0

You make me feel good,
You make me feel safe,
You make me feel like I could live another day
You make me feel good,
You make me feel safe,
You know I wouldn't have it any other way

Let's Dance,

Monday, July 16, 2012


It was one of those moments na yung nakita mo pa lang, hinuhusgahan mo na agad?! I was guilty. Yaiks.

When she came on stage, I thought she's gonna be one of those funny performances na walang masyadong relevance.  But no, this girl surprised me big time.

I was in awe the entire time I was watching this.  
She kinda reminds me of Bayang Barrios. Hehe. 

I AM A FAN!!!! 


Thank God she did not give up on singing!!!


Friday, July 06, 2012

Right Back at Ya

Have you ever had that feeling na okay naman na lahat, tapos may biglang gaganon?

Today marks the end of what could be THE most stressful (physically and emotionally) week of the year to date!  I wanted to bombard this space with so much rants and painful words just so that I can let it all out - how crappy it made me feel.   But the rain stopped me from doing so. 

The recent heavy downpour reminded me instead, of the many blessings I may have forgotten to be thankful for.  And that somehow brought my awareness back to the more positive side of life.  So what if my frenemy makes more stupid moves.  So what if I've heard more lies.  So what if my back account got hacked in freakin China.  So what if I became really poor for a week.  No to Negativity.

I kinda surprised myself there.  It is so not me to be this cool, calm and composed, when I was dealing with each given situation.  Ito na ba yung tinatawag nilang "maturity"? Lolz.  Oh whatever that is, I love it.  So yeah, anyone, you can TRY to fuck my world around and I'd be still be here, standing tall or nag-pi-pirouette na ganyan.....

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Now, I strongly feel like this is my song!!!
I feel so empowered.
I definitely need to be able to sing this, somewhere, soon!! Lolz.

I am bigger than anyone's negativity,