Saturday, October 13, 2012


I admit, sometimes, I do get so much into the fantasy of things, that I tend to forget all about the practicalities or the realities even.

It makes me question.
 Ugh, all these self inflicted drama
and negativity.

Ang then by some stroke of luck or genius,
I pick myself up
take a long nice shower
fix my hair
put on my expensive best outfit
I look at me in my full view mirror
and tell myself that

It is not all about 
getting ahead 
and finishing first at everything.
In life, 
let us not forget that 
mere surviving,
is somehow already winning in itself! 


Amoy Mia Michaels to!!!
gusto ko yung balibagan effect tapos may colored powders!! hahaha.

I think I might be getting the birthday blues waaaaayyyy ahead of its time this year. Lolz.

Must learn how to dance like P!nk,