Monday, December 31, 2012

Balik Tan-aw

2012 has been a mixture of good, bad and better for me.  To be honest, I do have better years. =)

Now as I sit alone here, staring at the blinking cursor, hoping to makes sense of this post, I couldn't help but be a lil more emo reflective and excited for the coming year at the same time!!

Iiwan ko lahat ng negativity ng 2012 today!!  
sa inyo na lahat sila, lahat.. lahat...
Dahil, akin... 

AKIN ang 2013 !!!!!
(sabay tawa na pang-kontrabida)

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Be bongga,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pasko. Paksiw.

Whether you've been 'just plain swabe' or extra naughty this year, here's to hoping that you are all having a happy, complete and meaningful Christmas!

Do not let any man - fat or skinny - judge you in any way!! =)

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Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!!!
(Tanggapin niyo sana, even if it's not sent from my iphone5!!)

Shine bright like a diamond,

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Simbang gabi officially started. 

The Ayala Triangle Park becomes your annual 'itikan' place.

Malls are crowded.  And this time, people actually buy (not just hangout)! The cashiers do have long lines.

Traffic is much much worse at its worst.

Christmas presents are all over my desk and bag. (thank you!)

Starbucks!!!! And all those sticker hungry people!!!
And don't get me started on the rise of crime rate (holdup/snatch and the likes).


Today, it is exactly nine freakin' days before Christmas!!  And guess what, I still don't have that Xmas spirit in me!!!!!  I know, it's S-A-D.

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Lately, I've become some tired lil old bitch who doesn't seem to give a damn and just wants to sleep and sleep some more!!  It's like me and Xmas are having a bad romance this year!!!

Ano bang kailangan kong gawin?!!! I don't want to be all KJ and be known as The Vince Who Stole Christmas!!! I need to get my grove back and actually look forward to the holidays!!!  #HELP!!!

Oh Christmas tree - jingle thy bells,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"He is out there!"  

I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs to make a very valid point, as soon as she started to turn glad tidings into shitty emo melancholy.

He is out there!  And just like you, he's also waiting for that perfect time when the universe fate will bring the two of you to meet - perhaps in the most unlikely, unexpected ways.

It'll all begin with an unassuming smile.  Name exchanges and a handshake. You will tell each other stories.  Commonalities.  And then you'll wonder, how the most boring historical facts about each other with make both of you smile.  That's just how it is.  That's how it'll be.  You will laugh about each other's jokes - even the corny ones, without minding the time.  

He will ask you to share many meals with him.  Breakfasts.  Lunches.  And a lot of dinners (formal and informal).  He will send you silly messages, even naughty ones - you'll find them less tacky, and more cute.  He'll make you blush.  He'll tell you you're pretty.  Always.  On and on.  And you'll believe him, all the time. 

He will make your birthdays and holidays happier.  He'll surprise you every so often with his thoughtfulness and sincerity.  He'll be sweet.  Really sweet you can get diabetes.  He'll make you feel wanted.  Needed.  Loved.  Yes, he'll love you.  With all his heart.  Like you've never been loved before.  He'll make you feel special.  Prized.  Valued.   And you will do the same.  Just as it should be.

Then comes the beginning of your 'happy ever after'.

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Lately, I find myself being surrounded by people who put my optimism to the test.  Haha.  While their point remain valid, I sometimes feel compelled to make them realize that their current situation is not at all bad.  And it can get a lil frustrating sometimes, especially now that the holidays are just about a blink away.

Someone once said that the best way to spend the holidays is to "be with someone who makes you happy".  To those who can, GREAT!!! Cherish every moment and be grateful.  To those who can't find anyone as of yet, be patient and perhaps consider this -

"Be with someone who makes you happy"
(you owe it to yourself!!!)

Happy 12.12.12,

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Angels & Humans

40 angels came down to do one sexy show!!!

Although it felt a lil dull this year, the Silver Screen segment was awesome!!!

I mean, you have the very gorgeous Miranda......

And the really impressive vocal dynamics of Bruno Mars!!!

These two definitely stole the show!!!!

Watch the full show here.... Click! Click!

Dear Bench people, pay attention! Lolz.

Ang taas pala ng boses ni Bruno Mars,


Now that the news is out....  

Let us all tango our way out of tangerine and embrace the brillance of this new color!!!

Hello Ermengarde Emerald!!!!

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I can definitely wear this,