Sunday, March 31, 2013

On Idol

Is it just me or is the new season of Idol boring?

Boring Judges (except for Ms. Minaj). Mukhang mas concerned pa si Mariah sa sarili niyang image than being honest in giving constructive critique - it's just annoying!!!  Then, no boy contestants this year?!!! (alam na).  Nakakaumay!!!!

However, since walang palabas sa TV over the past couple of days at dahil paulit ulit siya sa ETC, I got to watch some of the performances last Thu/Fri habang nag-c-crochet ako sa veranda, one night down South!!

 And this girl, blew me away!!! Binuhay niya ang American Idol to me. Sakto sa panahon.  Hahaha. 

 I don't think there's gonna be any other performance that can top this one!!!!

Happy Easter,

Gusto ko tuloy mag videoke!!! Lolz,.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Summer Officiale

Not that PAG-ASA needs to release a statement to make it all official (but they did anyway) - we can all feel that damn hot weather indicating that it is indeed freakin' summer already!!!!

So what a perfect timing for this song to come out no?!

Snaps for Jessica Sanchez!!!
For coming up with what could be my summer song!!! 


Cause we ain’t even on earth tonight
We on a planet where the good got money
And they not afraid to spend it, hey yo, hey yo
And everything is alright
Cause we ain’t even on earth tonight
We on a planet where there ain’t no drama
And the party’s never ending, hey yo, hey yoAnd everything is alright

Para sa mga out of body experiences niyo this season!!  xoxo

Hello vacation,

Crank It Up

If you're like me who got sooooooooooooooooo annoyed at how media is trying to force someone's domestic problem as some sort of uhm, a national issue, then put your hands up!!!

There really should be a rehab for bad acting behavior and this person should really go there, ASAP!


Truth is, I've had something to be emo about as well.  But knowing me and how poorly I can execute emo, I decided to shake things off and move forward instead.

So just like what I usually do, I got myself a full bangs, high pony and played my usual emo song.....

Strum me like a guitar
 blow out my amplifier 
When you hear some feedback
 keep going take it higher

Magsayaw na lang tayo,

Monday, March 04, 2013

March Attacks

While I definitely feel that time is moving in a rather fast pace and I somehow hate it. 

This is something that I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin excited about!!!

Hello Dragons,