Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Sometimes, we do get caught up in the midst of all things bright and shiny like counting the stars not noticing that the moon already left.

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Always be Your(best)self,

Friday, April 12, 2013

Summer Bodeh

The past week, I've been receiving this annoying text messages from my club which I simply had to put a stop by showing my braver and bolder self.  Ayun tumigil naman. Haha.

And then, I realized that in a few weeks time, it will be my tenth year with them as a member!!! Yikes.. Ten years!!! Kung sa company, may makukuha akong honorarium of some sort for being loyal, ganun! Dito, ewan, mukhang wala naman!! Pambu-bwisit lang ang binigay nila so far.

10 Years.  Big words!!!

If susumahin ang lahat ng oras na iginugol ko sa gym, malamang may PhD na ako!!!! ZOMG!!!  Now, as I look stare at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but wonder kung anong nangyari sa ten years of working out ko?! Hahaha.  I tried almost everything - from your usual cardio workout, weights, group classes, TRX, personal training, etc.  But to date, I still don't have that holy grail (abs + apollo's belt) combination.  Hindi ko tuloy ma-recreate tong eksenang to!!!! I'm dying to have a moment like this, kahit along Ayala Avenue, gagawin ko siya!! I swear, handa ako!!!!

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I needed a wall para kapitan at gracefully akong dumausdos pababa. Yan ang moment na nakuha kong gawin so far.  Pero pagkatapos ng guilt and frustration, I then realized one thing, masarap naman kasi talagang kumain. And somehow, I enjoyed my journey.  Yes naman sa (palusot) journey!!! So okay na rin.  Hahaha.  

So while I don't have that ripped dream ideal bodeh just yet, pansamantala, dadaanin ko na lang siguro muna sa attitude!!!

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Fierceness First,

Anu ba kasi ang pinakamabisang paraan ng diet + workout?!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

For April

A wise man once told me not to put my happiness in someone else's hand.  Back then, I didn't really understand what he meant by that (or where the hell did it come from even) until yeah, uhm, life happened.

Now, exactly ten years after that fortunate incident, I fully realize why he said that and why things had to happen.  Gratitude is such a very valuable lesson to learn.  And the same wisdom I shall impart to you.  We all know now that happiness is indeed a matter of choice.  So here's to hoping that wherever life may take us, may we always have the courage to make that decision.

We're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again

Somehow, it does feel nice not to be able to forget that easy.  To somehow have that memory kept at that lil corner in your mind.  To remind you that you are happy, first and foremost.  Before all these additions came in to your life - tangible and not.  With that thought, it makes it more easy for you to make the first step forward.  Ahhhh, another incandescent lesson to learn.

Things will be better,