Saturday, June 29, 2013


If you get past looking staring (and giggling like a 13 year-old boy/girl out of kilig) at Enchong and actually get time to listen, you'll find out that the song is actually cute.  

Although Enchong is much muuuuucccchhhhhhh cuter!!!! IMHO.

 On behalf of all the chinitos (like me), Thanks Yeng!!!!
Nice beat. Epic bass.
This song is just lovely.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Coming Soon

Relate na relate ako, dahil once upon a time, naging 'taong-bayan' din ako somewhere... Hanggang sa nagkaron ako ng speaking-role eventually!! Haha.

Yun nga lang, hindi ako binayaran!!! =)

 I will definitely watch this!!!

I love you Lucky Ate Vi,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

On Confidence

Just when I thought I got it all covered and adjusted......

body clock

work hours

social life

 and sleeping pattern

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Nakatulog ako sa CR while trying to take a shower!!!!  
Oo, severe!!!!

Oh fuckin mid-shift, why soooooo harsh?!!!!

Konting push pa,

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hey June!

Somebody once said that "you are the architect of your own future!"  While I do believe in that myself, sometimes, life puts you in situations you don't necessarily want, asked or even imagined being.  

So what's a mortal like me gotta do then?  Well, sabi nga ni Dory, just keep swimming!!!! =)

So here I am, armed with a brand new attitude without any hint of resentment (hahaha..), ready to face the camera and work it!!!  

So here we go friends, day time has become too small of a playground for me....

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After weeks of roller coaster emotions.....

I'm ready for PRIMETIME!!!!

Ripe for the picking,

p.s. Hey June, don't let me down!!!